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Fantastic hike. Hubby agrees. Says best hike we have done. We hiked in AZ and CA before arriving in UT. The canyon is beautiful. Arch at the trail end is incredible. Our pit bull terrier loved crossing the creek and trying to catch the lizards. Did see Poison Ivy but would not deter us from hiking the trail again. Only complaint is people who don’t respect the rules and allow their dogs to roam off leash and don’t pick up the poo. Head out by 0900 and you will enjoy the trail without the crowds.

15 hours ago

Wonderful....great arch with shade at the end.

The bridge at the end is awesome. Unfortunately the trail getting there is infested in poison ivy. We vigilantly watched for it and tried to avoid it, but somehow both the dog and I started our week in Moab with poison ivy. I wouldn’t recommend for kids or pets.

1 day ago

Great hike. Beautiful Canyon. I'd say the hike is easy to moderate. only reason for 4 stars is because it was so packed. Not hard to keep your feet dry water is very shallow.

Fun hike with some fun areas to scramble up at

1 day ago

Really simple walk up but can do a bit of bouldering/climbing

The initial trail made it seem like it was going to be more of a guided stroll and it increased in intensity as you continues.

1 day ago

Probably one of my favourite hikes I’ve ever done anywhere. The scenery was breathtaking, it has equal parts sun and shade. I saw a lizard, lots of cacti and the river that you run along side was perfect to keep my dog hydrated. I would def go back and do this again. So glad I did it while I was in Moab

Beautiful hike! Started at 8 am and the weather was great; it was in the high 60s when we started and mid 70s when we got back to our car. The hardest part of the hike was the slab, straight up incline. Must bring water!

2 days ago

This trail was by far one of my most favorite hikes we did while in Moab. It’s beautiful! Trees, shade, sun, arches, rocks, water and dogs! It was awesome. I joked it in my Chaco sandals and shorts in April and it was perfect. Maybe bring a little insect repellent. I noticed bugs starting to come out. Also, watch out for cacti and poison ivy.

Amazing trail. It can get pretty hot, I was hiking in April and it was really hot. Sometimes the trail is not marked very well so one can get easily lost.

I would consider this an easy moderate trail. It was very scenic with the creek running alongside the trail, all of the greenery, the canyon walls towering on both sides, and of course the arch or land bridge at the end. You might get your feet wet since the trail crosses the creek several times. But, if you have good balance you might be able to stay dry!

on Delicate Arch Trail

4 days ago

Must see when going to Utah. Went at 9:00am, crowds were getting bad when leaving.

4 days ago

Easy jaunt from the roadway parking near the Windows section of the park. Good concentration of arches that are highly accessible. The volume of people corresponded with the ease, so maybe hit this one late in the day before leaving the park to avoid crowds.

Landscape arch was a bit of a battle with all of the photographers at sunrise, but the hikers thinned down quickly as we traversed up the first rock fin on the way to partition arch. Having the trail downloaded/gps was crucial at a few points as we struggled to spot cairns. Many places that look like the trail are actually creek beds, and the many sets of footprints can be misleading. We found ourselves on top of rock fins more often than on actual paths. If you didn’t manage permits for fiery furnace, this is definitely a long enough hike to get away from big crowds.

Easy hike. My favorite arch of all time!

Mid February 2018... early morning start. We went clockwise. No map.No idea what we were in for. I'm NOT in shape and wasn't sure what to expect. Seeing someone up the first fin, I thought they were just having fun and taking selfies... until I realized I had to go that way. I'm afraid of heights as well. Having said all that... I had an absolutely amazing time! Super high winds and blowing snow made for some dangerous areas and there were a few that made the extremely tall fin that turned around.. not hiking with a partner. Bad idea. I doubted my abilities several times only because I've never hiked something this long. We took lunch breaks and stopped to look around. It was freezing so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.. hated digging for camera or phone. Wasn't prepared for scrambling rocks.. but glad I went clockwise because for me it is easier going down rock faces than up. Really wasn't prepared for the so called puddle or the young lady crying at the puddle. Once across, she and her husband helped my crossing. Thanks guys! Only slipped a few times and almost slid into frigid water. Take waders or a change of shoes and socks... the potential to end up in icy water in cold months is severe. I have to do this stuff in colder weather because of medical conditions... but I'd still suggest off season times. Chances of bus loads of tourists showing up is scaled way down... but we still ran into them in the park at the easier arches. Beautiful trail and even though that day I swore never again.. now that I understand and better know what to expect... DEFINITELY would do it again. More pictures next time!

This was worth every penny for the guided hike. We enjoyed getting to try out some beginner canyoneering skills. It's beautiful in the fiery furnace.

Breathtaking. Take two or three times the water you think you'll need. The hike up the slickrock affords you no shade and can be brutal even as even starts to set in.

This trail takes you past several arches, each special in it's grandeur, such as Landscape Arch and others as a frame to the valleys below. Other spectacular features are the sandstone fins on the way to the Double O. Hike traverses both gentle terrain and some scrambling on the slickrock. As with most of the popular hikes, start out earlier as it is less crowded and the weather a bit cooler.

Enjoyable hike to the sand, broken, and tapestry arches.

One of the most iconic arches that there is! This moderate hike is a great way to end a day in the park, I've always hiked this in mid-afternoon and found that the crowds were manageable. The trail steadily climbs upward and could be challenging for those who are not avid hikers or are out of shape. Enjoy a snack and photo opportunity at the end to really soak in the spectacle that is The Delicate Arch.

Fabulous hike! Best bang for your buck if you're wanting to see as many arches as possible in a day. Some areas could be concerning for hikers who are scared of heights or who aren't sure footed. For the typical hiker, this is a 'must-do' in my books!

I found this trail to be somewhat difficult. The incline was pretty consistent throughout the hike and perhaps I wasn't quite adjusted to the altitude yet. Bring plenty of water. I hiked in early April and was blessed with above average weather. There were plenty of people but it wasn't overwhelming and didn't take away from the beauty of the place. Some areas were more narrow than others and near the edge so be mindful and definitely have good shoes! The arch was amazing but there were a line of people waiting to get their photo. Incredible view from many points on the hike.

8 days ago

I didn't get to complete this trail because I got there only an hour or so before the sunset. The colors and walking through the canyon had me awe-struck. Beware of snakes, I heard something rummaging through some shrubbery on the trail and know there's a fair amount of rattlers in the area. The sand was a pinkish red color that I'd never seen before, would definitely hike again!

9 days ago

This hike is short but a definite must do in the park. Delicate Arch is as good as it gets! Recommend going early to avoid the massive crowds.

Loved this hike around Arches. You go on side excursions/trails that will take you to eight arches total if you follow the whole trail. Every Arch was unique! We paired this with the Devils Garden Loop for a full day of hiking.

10 days ago

95% of people stay in the parking lot, but the views from the floor are stunning. It’s about 100 stairs down, then a short walk... go as far as you like, perfect for kids, lots of room to explore and unlike other trails, nothing they can catastrophically fall off. We went late afternoon (around 6 PM); we were in the shade the whole time and the light was perfect.

Really pretty views, just a few steep parts, totally kid friendly, crowded AF even at 9 AM. (The best light is in the late afternoon anyway.) This one is really popular, but my 5-year-old and I got more bang for our buck at the less populated Corona Arch just outside the park.

Beautiful and busy

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