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8 hours ago

Great trail. Pretty well marked. Got there around 7:30am and had no issues finding a spot in the parking lot. There were a fair amount of people coming down from the sunrise hike, but actually not too many people starting the hike at that time.

Also went back and did this hike at night and it was completely empty. The view of the stars was amazing. Just make sure to bring a head lamp and download the map before you go just in case you lose the cairns in the dark.

9 hours ago

The trail was shady with multiple water crossings all of the way up. I honestly didn't even notice the arch at the end until someone told me to look up. There is a nice rest area at the end with slick rock, water, and lots of shade. CAUTION: There was SO MUCH POISON IVY. The last 1/8 of the trail was a forest of poison ivy on both sides of the trail. Be very careful bringing dogs and children.

20 hours ago

Nice shady hike along the stream to the arch. Many beautiful views and vistas along the way. Warning - lots of poison ivy, so stay on the trail and it is easily avoidable. Prickly pear are starting to bloom. There is a nice half-mile side hike in the canyon to the south at the 1.2 mile point from the trailhead that ends in a nice waterfall grotto - no water flowing at this time, but still worth it if you want a little extra. Stay in the stream bed to get there.

Amazing hike! The water all along the way made it so much fun, especially for our dog. I wore my Merrell hiking sandals, so I walked in the water a lot of the way. Our 7 month old baby loved playing in the sand once we reached Morning Glory and we enjoyed a nice little lunch and relaxed for a little. It's now one of my favorite trails.

1 day ago

Fun and quiet. Lots to explore beyond the arch

It can get pretty hot because there is very little shade. But it's a pretty quick hike, with a spot at the end to hangout and take lots of pictures of the delicate arch.

off road driving
2 days ago

Great to wheel and plenty of scenery. Did the trail in a 2wd forerunner nissan titan.

2 days ago

Awesome hike!. We had 2 dogs with us (on leash!!) who had a blast. The mix of sun, shade, rocks and sand kept it interesting for all. It is not hard but long enough to call a hike. The arch and canyons all around are breathtaking. We were done by noon and it was not hot.

2 days ago

Amazing trail with beautiful views of the canyon! Great for dogs with many opportunities to play in water!

Easy and short. Mostly sand trail

Easy short hike. Great views are worth it. We went early (8am) on a Saturday and was still very crowded. Best picture opportunities are in late afternoon

This was my favorite hike of my trip so far! I loved how you could get a permit and just explore. Not being tied down to a group tour was wonderful. My husband and I just took our time exploring the different crevices and canyons inside. Make sure to bring sunblock (there are some portions where you are hiking in the sun), some snacks, and plenty of water. The temperature inside is much cooler than I expected and was nice in the shade with the wind.

Excellent trail! Was a mix of sand trails and stone trails so lots of variety. We went clockwise so all of the good arches were on the front end. I’m not sure the best way to do it but was an excellent trail.

Lots of options to break off and explore different areas! lots of heights and gorgeous views. Bring tons of water

Easy. Gorgeous. Totally worth it.

Go early to get good light on the rocks.

Make sure you pay attention to your direction, easy to get turned around going in if there aren't crowds to follow.

If you want a challenge but a great reward than I suggest this hike! We got an early start, 630am, and ended around 1pm. It was a long one but we definitely made it a lot longer by finding own own paths and exploring as much as we could! This is breathtaking! I honestly felt like I was on Mars! It is a great challenge, especially the second half. If you’re afraid of heights then this might not be for you. Bring LOTS of water and sunscreen especially if you’re hiking in the hotter months. Bring lunch and snacks and find an awesome rock to sit on and gaze over. You will definitely be happy you did this trail!

rock climbing
5 days ago

Breathtaking! Felt like I was on another planet! It was a bit challenging. Getting there was the hardest part as it was misty uphill. Bring lots of water and wear good hiking shoes! Also, if you’re going during their hotter months I’d suggest getting an early start and it can get extremely hot out there!

Amazing trails with a ton to see! Very beautiful. I love how you can kind of just roam through the many different canyons.

One of the best "bang for your buck" hikes I've done due the to fact it's not very long or hard and the arch and scenery along the way is amazing!

such beautiful scenery, loved it!

5 days ago

Very easy, and so much beauty!

My favorite hike! It was beautiful and very shady. So interesting and the scrambling was a lot of fun

Good hike, good arch, heck of a good resting area under the arch

6 days ago

Well worth the trip up. This trial has little shade, there is some. Beautiful arch and scene.

Worth every painful step!

always a favorite! took my man here for his first time and he loved every minute! best mothers day of my life.

7 days ago

We went over National Park Week -- what a view! We towed our toddler in a toddler backpack the whole way and we're glad we did! There's a pretty steep trail right before you get to Delicate Arch, that would worry me to have my toddler running loose there. Lots of rocks, be sure to have plenty of water and snacks on you and be sure to apply lots of sunscreen as there's not really any shaded areas. Go as early as you can as the trail will be congested (not to mention the parking lot) by 11am for sure. We made it a point to get there first and we were on the trail at 9:30 and already fighting for a parking spot.

Second time in the Furnace and we decided to start at the bottom and work our way up!
Took us some time to figure it out-but that is what makes it so much fun! We did a lot of scrambling and once we were in-completely by ourselves!

Get your permit early! We went on Friday and had to wait until Sunday.. Not a big deal because our time was flexible.

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