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Antelope Island State Park, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, is home to a roaming herd of 500 bison. Pronghorn and bighorn sheep also share the rangelands that overlook the desert lake. Opportunities to view wildlife are available on backcountry trails, which are open to horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and cross-country skiing. Please keep in mind that pets on leash are allowed on the island except on the Frary Peak trail. A visitor center offers information on the island's unique biology, geology and history. Please be aware that, during the month of May and part of June (usually until the weather reaches 90 degrees), Antelope Island has biting gnats (or "no see'ums"). Wear a hat or light hoodie and protect your face and neck with bugspray. Insects on the causeway are midges that don't bite, and brine flies along the lake's edge are harmless.

22 hours ago

Great views! The bugs were only
Bad in some of the shaded areas near the higher rocks. Other than that- an overall pleasant hike.

5 days ago

An easy hike, but the scenery is stunning. Great hike for the family

Short- good view

15 days ago

20 days ago

Loved this trail. It's very short, but the views are spectacular. Exploring Antelope Island Park was amazing, and this view was a big part of that!

We did this trail at night. Wonderful views of the lake and the night sky. The moon was not full, but helped. Easy, but the slight rockiness made a flashlight a must.

22 days ago

Incredible sunset hike, if you are willing to hustle down or walk back in the dark. Beautiful 360° views. The app shows it ending before the trail actually runs out, so it is longer than expected. I imagine it to be a hot summer hike as most of the trail is exposed.

24 days ago

Great trail overall. We actually did not summit Frary Peak, we stopped at Stringham Peak (which is where the antenna is). Nonetheless, the hike was still moderate, I wouldn't say difficult. Pretty steep at some points, would recommend hiking shoes for sure, gym shoes may cause you to slip up. The bugs weren't as bad as other reviews mention. That being said, there was a breeze so that kept them away for most of the time. Even then, they still had a noticeable presence. We didn't wear insect repellent, but from what I've read, it doesn't help anyway. It is a long hike. When you think you are close to the top, you aren't. Come prepared for a long hike. Bring water. We didn't even make it to very end of the trail and it was still a 3 hour round trip hike. For the views, they were nothing short of amazing. You get great views of the Wasatch Front and the Salt Lake City skyline to the east. To the west you get great views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the rest of the island. Overall I would say a visit to Antelope Island, more specifically the Frary Peak Trail, is the best way to view the Great Salt Lake. Definitely recommend this trail to anyone interested. If you come prepared, this is a great hike and a lot of fun. Coming back again for sure.

25 days ago

This hike is magnificent. Views all around the entire way. It didn't feel like I was hiking in Utah. A steady incline most of the way. Best early or late in the season to avoid bugs. GPS told me 7.2.

Pretty fun trail. Climbs immediately from trailhead, but isn't too bad after that. The last section from the antenna station to the peak is a little rocky and narrow, but the views are great. Can see excellent all 360*

great trail, beautiful views on every segment of it. lots of other reviews talk about the gnats, so we went prepared with plenty of big spray but it turned out there weren't many bugs at all on the trail. This trail feels much longer than 3.2 miles in each direction, keep that in mind if you're taking kids.

28 days ago

Bugs! Start early! Gorgeous views of the lake!!!