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Parking is most abundant at Zilker Park. Elsewhere, you could be driving the streets of that part of downtown Austin for hours and never find a single good spot. This trail has plenty of restrooms, water, exercise equipment, water craft, etc. along the way. Trail is very wide in most places, and very VERY wide in some places. Very well marked, and well maintained. But if you're looking for a wilderness experience, go elsewhere. The scenery is nice, nice trees and flowers, a nice lake, cool looking urban buildings and sculptures and other stuff. But it's in the middle of an urban area, right next to busy roads most of the time. You will never not here cars and construction and such. But hey, sometimes you don't need a backwoods, rough hike- just a nice stroll which this is. And almost all of it is shaded.

As for trail running, well, it's not really for trail running. I've run here a few times, and mostly it's good for those long continuous runs (versus running slower due to high stepping over roots and rocks, twisting and turning of the trail, ups and downs, etc) It's still a good place to run, if...

If you don't mind what seems to be hundreds of people. People with strollers, people with dogs, people running, walking, biking fast and slow. Half the people don't move out of the way, some of them can be in groups of two or three and somehow take up the entire 10 foot spread of the trail- but that's less about the trail and more about people just don't care.

I give it a three- I would give it a two for trail running, but the amenities, and the general "serenity" it somehow has, even despite all the people and cars and such, I guess it's worth an extra star.

Pretty crowded on a Saturday morning, which is good since there are very few signs along the way. The part east of 35 and north of the lake is tricky and will have you looking at your map for guidance. But other than that stretch it was a nice easy walk.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Love this trail. Started at 7 am on Sunday. Trail was populated with many people already. Lots of fit humans running fast. I ran 1/2 of the tail and biked the other 1/2. Did pull-ups push-ups etc on equipment. Had a great time. Good views. Only complaint is not marked very well.

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