Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I have hiked in Loyd Park many miles. Even though the Walnut Creek Trail is listed as 2.2 miles there are many more miles of trails if you string them together. The trails were in good shape until May 2015 when due to the high volume of rain (yearly amount in 1 month) the trails were 15 ft under water. By late summer the lake level had receded and the trails were dry enough to hike on. The park staff and some volunteers picked up a large amount of trash (drainage from neighborhoods flows into Walnut Creek). And then there was another 10 in of rain in 1 week at the beginning of fall and the trails were again very muddy/underwater. Unfortunately, this trail also serves as a horse trail and as of Nov 2015 the trail is significantly torn up. Also, there are fishing areas along Walnut creek and even though the park staff places trash cans in the area with extra trash bags the people fishing in the area throw their beer bottles and other trash on the ground.

If you get onto the trails away from the fishing/horse areas this is a decent place to hike with flat trails. The preferred hiking season in this park (for me) is the middle of winter when there are few people in the park and it is more quiet and clean.

on Walnut Creek Trail

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