The sweet leaf trail is across across from the parking lot! Such a pretty easy trail. Loved the rainbow suspension bridge!

The perimeter is a horse and truck trail so it's nice and wide. Watch for lots of horse and dog drioppings. They are everywhere on the main trails. The lake is the best spot, nice and secluded. Otherwise these trails are boring and predictable to walk or hike, including the inner trails.
Next time I'll ride my mtn bike. I am sure it will be more fun.

2 months ago

This trail was long and parts were very wide. If your trying to escape the city its amazing. If your looking for small trails hit the trails that go off the main trails for a more adventurous route.

Trail was exteremly open and often we would have to take the side trails to make it more interesting. Definetly better then sitting home. Looking forward to hiking the sister trail across 1488.

horseback riding
2 months ago

5 months ago

Just finished a five mile hike in the park. Easy. Finding the parking lot was the most difficult part of this hike.

Very cool! Love the suspension bridge.

Beautiful area til some jerks vandalized !!!! Jerks!!! Hey jerks real satanist don't advertise. You are just being a jerk

Wide easy trails, well marked.