The park is a "forest" full of cypress swamps; water tupelo, river birch, mayhaw, and yaupon trees; baygalls and blackwater sloughs in the flood plain of the Neches River. Wildlife is also abundant with snapping turtle; white tailed deer; diamond-back water snake; opossum; spring-peeper, cricket, and bull frogs; and nine-banded armadillo. Birding enthusiasts will enjoy rain-loving wood ducks, egrets, and herons, just to name a few from over 200 species of birds native to the Big Thicket. There is also fishing Village Creek with catfish, bass, perch, and panfish. Note: About 640 acres of the park's 1,

One of the main trails was closed so we could not get up to the beach that we had been to the year before. There were also a lot more mosquitoes this year due to the increase in rainfall and the water was a lot higher. Not much wildlife but we did see a few rabbits and some interesting pretty blue/green beetles.

Hiked most of the trails at the park. Trails are well kept. The trail going to the swimming area of Village Creek actually had some descent hills. Will be going back with my bike also.

We walked this trail in the afternoon during the hot Texas summer. We enjoyed it, but will go back when it's a little cooler.