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7 days ago

Trail running here again. As said before, signage is a bit lacking, and no hills really (though the Valburn trail system just to the east of loop360 has all the hills you need). But other than that, it's got everything a trail runner wants.

Diverse terrain: Grass, dirt, woods, small rocks, large rocks, loose rocks, completely nothing but rock with "pot holes" via erosion, shallow creeks, deep creeks, dry creek beds (the "completely nothing but rock" areas), and even a area with a sheer overhang covered with moss and ferns, the water dripping onto your head from above (not a water fall, small drops- it's pretty cool).
Diverse elevation: Like I said no large hills, but plenty of ups and downs, some short climbs, some climbs with rocks some with roots some with just the dirt.
Diverse scenary: Green woods, old woods, dry creek, full creek, some fields, some spots of the highway even if that's your thing. The best scenery is, I think, either the spot halfway between loop 360 and Bull Creek District park with the overhang/ferns/water droplets (I don't know the name of that type of geological feature), or else the very large spots of dry creek bed with all the pot holes via erosion.

This place is also rather popular for people to just play in the creek, let their dogs roam a bit, or bring the family and the portable grill and lounge by the creekside. It's always fun to see a group of people's faces when I come out of nowhere: they're chilling in their lawn chairs, shooting the breeze, watching kids play in the water, then suddenly this tall dude pops out of the woods, lunging across the rocks, jumping into the creek or else disappearing back into the woods. And oh, there are rest rooms, water fountains, and benches at the beginning, middle, and end of the greenbelt.

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23 days ago

This may be one of my favorite trails in Austin. It's challenging and rocky at times, but comfortable and leisurely at others. The terrain and elevation changed quite frequently, so it was never boring. It's certainly a moderate hike with exposed sun, so bring plenty of water. Make sure to start at the correct location, as it's easy to get confused (when I tried this hike for the first time I got lost and went on the wrong trail, which is easy to do)
Make a right at the entrance sign and walk along the fence to begin this trail correctly. It's a bit hidden, but if you follow the all trails map, you'll find it. Whole loop took me about 2.5hrs with a few brief stops.
There are quite a bunch of loose rocks along the way, so be careful with those ankles!

This was my wife, daughter, and Is first hike. It was great scenery and was easy to navigate. It initially stated that it was suitable for children which it is if they are mostly playing in the water. If you are solely going for a hike with a toddler please make sure they have some sort of slip resistant shoes on/ hiking shoes.

It was good but......

Great little hike! Went on Labor Day and it was really busy. The trail was very difficult to follow so we ended up just walking through and around the water which was very nice. I'd definitely do this again!

trail running
1 month ago

This review will be short since I just wrote one.

Took the entire trail. I took the east path first. When I got to the top I was happy that the trail turned into a service road, some smoother running. But when I went back down (go west at the huge powerlines, it looks like just another service road but it is the trail), I went downdowndown. I swear, it was half a mile or more of some pretty steep elevation drop, with huge steps. I'm looking forward to getting into better shape, so I can try and run up this side. Hill of Life (at Barton Creek trail)? How about this one we call Hill of Life north.

This is not the way hiking trail. Things got crazy and we ended up on a steep cliff. It all worked out though!