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Great trail, not too hard. Deff recommend ankle support.

mountain biking
1 month ago

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun trail that rolls through the foothills of the Franklin Mountains. Great mix of easy climbs and little descents. It is very busy though. I went on Easter Sunday 2017 and I saw at least 25 bikers/hikers on the trail system.


Pretty good hike. the initial hike has alot of ankle breakers but the rest of the trail is great.

3 months ago

Moderate hike. One of the people with me was in his 70's and a geologist which made it interesting as he explained the terrain. There is a lot to see if you keep an eye out. We saw four mule deer watching us as well as squirrels and many birds. At about 3 miles or so there is a bench next to a sign warning of unexploded ordinances. When you're at this spot, look over the hill to the South and you will see a car that someone left there years ago when you could take the dirt road up there. At the top of North Peak there is an old radio tower. Looking south from there you can see The Mammoth and The Ron Coleman trail. We also saw some lady bugs at the very top. This is definitely a must hike in the Franklins.

Be sure to wear hiking boots. Big, sharp rocks were frequent on this trail, which damaged my walking shoes. The path is narrow. Depending on the size of your dog, might be easier to use a long leash instead of a short one.

Pretty fun trail has a lot of forks and places you can go. Nice paved roads too. Make sure you bring a pair of boots. Very rocky but beautiful views

loose rock made it fun. views are gorgeous. needs more climbing.