trail running
2 days ago

This trail has multiple trailheads. At one trail head, Sierra Oaks, there's a nice playground, there's exercise equipment, and most importantly cool water from a clean fountain.

As for trail running, this one is fairly short, even if you take all the many offshoots. But don't let that deter you. This trail has, quiet possibly, the most rocky and rooty trails. Need a good workout for your feet specifically? Need to learn where to step so as to not slip or twist your ankle? Want to get some "high stepping" going (so as to avoid tripping and such)? This is your trail. And sometimes the trail gets so technical for short stretches, that you almost wonder if you're still on the actual trail, due to the jutting rocks, skinny trail, trees and rots everywhere. All in all, this is a great workout.

Also, this trail doesn't have any really steep or long hills, but it does have some steps, some inclines, etc. The creek crossings are pretty cool, all of them have good rocks to go across on. And the trail is marked very well. The signs are in very good condition and easy to spot. There are also some benches along the way.

All in all, I give this a four, and not a five, for the short length and the lack of any really good hill climbs (though in the neighborhood itself, via the streets and sidewalks, you can get some good hill work in).

trail running
1 month ago

Very short and fairly well marked. A lot of water crossings. Not an issue today, but could be problematic after a good rain

Super pleasant walk through the woods from the south up to the play area and back. Easy trail, nothing to tricky

2 months ago

One of Northwest Austin's gems. Beautiful today after some heavy rain this weekend.

Not much signaling and I have to admit I got lost without my friend recording it. I loved the trail though! Beautiful and you cannot tell you are in Austin: totally felt inside woods!

3 months ago