We must have went on the worst day. It was extremely muddy and we kept literally getting stuck in thick mud. It was pretty but nothing to write home about.

So over grown and not a wide path. Would not recommend or return again

Visiting Austin area for 2 months. Found this hike on the app. Wasn't too impressed. Many of the paths are heavily overgrown and the river was wicked low right now. Although many people followed the rules with dogs leashed, not everyone did unfortunately. Didn't come across any snakes on our trip. Don't think we'll be returning to this spot during our visit.

Great trail water is super low right now. We normally go here for some good swimming holes. I wouldn't recommend it right now for swimming tho.

Running here is always a treat. Plenty of people, but not so many that's overwhelming. The two sides of the park, the trails on each side (once past the creek) are very good hills climbs. The more north side has some ups and downs and is a bit technical, a few turns. The more south side is one gradual, mostly smooth (but rocky) run straight up. I suggest for a good workout, start on one side and run to the back, then run the other side to the front, then reverse. Good hill repeats this way.

And if you stay on the north/east side of the creek, and run some of the trail (not marked on the map) along the creek, you'll definitely have a good chance at spotting some deer.

Gave this 4 stars because the water was so low, we got to hike right up the river. The trails themselves are nothing special. Hike is worth it though.

trail running
1 month ago