Good one but route post/pillars are not much helpful

One of my faves. Beautiful clear creek. Limestone cliffs on the side. I’ve returned to this trail multiple times. Lovely place to swim too.

Lovely and well-kept trails. Went around noon on a Thursday and crossed paths with 5-7 other hikers as well as a couple of bike riders. Creek is low enough to cross via large stones and rocks in the water. Parking was almost full when I arrived, so I imagine on the weekends it can be quite tricky to park. I will definitely be hiking these trails again in the future!

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1 month ago

For parking, just park at the main St Edward's lot. Whether coming from the north or the south on Spicewoods Springs Rd, it sneaks up quick, on the west. Once parked, there are three trail heads, one on the southern end of the small lot, one on the northern end, and one in the middle.To get to this particular trail, you can take any trail head, and just keep going west at trail intersections (whether you go through the thicker trees on the north most trail head, or you find the more open fields and trees on the two other trail heads). Once you get right alongside the creek, head north.

This trail is like others at St Edward's park: wide at some parts and skinny at others, dirt and rocks and roots, twisty, access to the creek. But unlike the trails to the west of the creek, this is not any kind of elevation change.

You can run along the creek shore for some of the trail, but most of it will be more away from the creek shore. But don't let that deter you- there are several small trails which lead through the trees and vegetation to the west, down to the creek. Eventually you'll get onto a skinny, skinny trail not on the creek, and eventually you'll intersect with a road. if the trail goes past there I don;t know... Hmmm... maybe I should go find out just how long this trail goes north!

Convenient trails well kept

Most of the trail was beautiful. Some parts were right along a main road. Not difficult at all (though path is loose rock)

Today I parked at the 360 parking where the Bull Creek Loop starts. Plenty of parking there. I ran the Bull Creek Loop trail until you get to the intersection underneath the huge powerlines, and instead of turning back towards east and staying on the loop, I turned west, went through some gates and across a street, through a nice trail through the woods- mostly single track with "cobble stone" type rocks. This trail led me right to St Edward's park.

The park was the same as last time. Plenty of rocky trail, dirt trail, tree roots, large and step ups, elevation changes, brush creeping in on the trail- and the best part, as usual, is the trail that goes right along the creek-cliffside. Wonderful views. Also saw two other people, not running but dressed in normal street clothes, looking at their GPS, discussing location. I'm guessing they were geocaching. There are plenty of geocaches in this park.

we travel this trail often... good trail for an easy hike... on weekends it can be crowded... go during the week... and go up.

Not sure I would put it in the Top 5 trails for Austin, but it's a decent trail.

Trails could be better maintained, and marked, but it's a beautiful area and a fun hike.

Love this trail with elevation difference

Just wasn't as fun as I expected. So many different trails I got confused. And really overgrown trails. The water was nice and lots of swimmers out.

Terribly marked, got lost and wound up trapped in a thorn/overgrown brush trap. Don't recommend.

We must have went on the worst day. It was extremely muddy and we kept literally getting stuck in thick mud. It was pretty but nothing to write home about.

So over grown and not a wide path. Would not recommend or return again

Visiting Austin area for 2 months. Found this hike on the app. Wasn't too impressed. Many of the paths are heavily overgrown and the river was wicked low right now. Although many people followed the rules with dogs leashed, not everyone did unfortunately. Didn't come across any snakes on our trip. Don't think we'll be returning to this spot during our visit.

Great trail water is super low right now. We normally go here for some good swimming holes. I wouldn't recommend it right now for swimming tho.

Running here is always a treat. Plenty of people, but not so many that's overwhelming. The two sides of the park, the trails on each side (once past the creek) are very good hills climbs. The more north side has some ups and downs and is a bit technical, a few turns. The more south side is one gradual, mostly smooth (but rocky) run straight up. I suggest for a good workout, start on one side and run to the back, then run the other side to the front, then reverse. Good hill repeats this way.

And if you stay on the north/east side of the creek, and run some of the trail (not marked on the map) along the creek, you'll definitely have a good chance at spotting some deer.

Gave this 4 stars because the water was so low, we got to hike right up the river. The trails themselves are nothing special. Hike is worth it though.

And beware of snakes.

This place is beautiful.
There is running water and a northern vista from atop one of the hillside trails. An easy hike to get to IMO.

Some of the trails have a bit of overgrowth, but take your time, watch where you're stepping and beware of snakes. They're kinda hard to see at first but the ones I saw where hanging out in the middle of the trail. I saw three on three different occasions. This last time my dog got bit by what I think might have been a copper head. I think this might be helpful. So, don't be me. Keep your doggo bringing up the rear or trailing a bit behind you. You might be able to see them before they can.

9 months ago

multiple trails and not all ate in this app, as isnnoted by others, we chose one close to creek, then crossed creek and hiked up the hill. The creek is great for summer lounging, trails well marked, although some signs covered by graffiti. Busy even in summer, many dogs, well behaved. A good place to explore due to the many trails.

Beautiful lush terrains along the creek. We are inexperienced hikers and there were so many beautiful spots to stop and jump in and swim. As long as we stayed along the creek we never felt like we would get lost, and we didn't. This was a great place to bring the kids back to. Several rope swing spots and a pretty incredible dam wall near where we parked that you can walk across.

This trail is nicely shaded with access to the creek at various points along the trail. It's narrow so you'll need to stop and allow others to pass. Took my dogs and they enjoyed stopping at the creek for a swim. Easy, peasy and relaxing!

Trail running again yesterday.

As I said below, on the north/east side of the creek, it's easy to moderate. Mostly flat, softer dirt. On the south/west side, it gets steep, rocky, and rugged. If you want to get some hardcore trail running, mountain biking, hiking in, this park is pretty good, even if it only has 7 or 8 miles of trail system (despite the 3.5 in the description).

If I failed to mention below, this park and trail system has some of the best views. On the south/west side of the creek, take one of the three middle trails up towards the back, and take the first trail into the middle of the trail system. You should be right above the creek, and the views are totally awesome.

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11 months ago

Cute little trail system with multiple access points to the creek. Good for a short trail run. Path is quite tight in some places.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

So this "trail" is really a system of trails, like many other trails at many other parks.

The the north and east side of the creek, the hiking is mostly easy with some moderate. Mostly dirt trails with some steps and few rocks, and hardly any steep parts. But, get across the creek to the south and west side, the hiking goes quickly to moderate and even strenuous and at times difficult. The terrain gets steadily higher in elevation- and the higher you get, the more rocks, loose or otherwise, you get. And there's a lot of large steps, overhangs, and twigs to poke them eyes out! I'd totally label the north/east side as easy, but then the south/west side as strenuous.

I gave this 5 stars because it has a large variety. Smooth dirt trails, steep rocky trails, a creek with plenty of crossings (some dangerous, some easy) and swimming spots, a good amount of trails to roam on. And the scenery: beautiful! And it's mostly untouched at the higher elevations of the park. Great for casual hiking, trail running, exploring, mountain biking, splashing around, etc. Also it is well marked with trail signs, especially on the easy side of the creek.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Low key, fun hiking with a steep set of stairs. We did it with a family of young kids and loved it.

I love this trail lots of waterfalls and trail is really label good, I would go back to this trail!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

If you want exercise, you read have to do the Hill Trail. Several loops that will give a great workout either hiking, running or biking

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