2 days ago

trail running
4 days ago

Cute little trail system with multiple access points to the creek. Good for a short trail run. Path is quite tight in some places.

4 days ago

trail running
28 days ago

So this "trail" is really a system of trails, like many other trails at many other parks.

The the north and east side of the creek, the hiking is mostly easy with some moderate. Mostly dirt trails with some steps and few rocks, and hardly any steep parts. But, get across the creek to the south and west side, the hiking goes quickly to moderate and even strenuous and at times difficult. The terrain gets steadily higher in elevation- and the higher you get, the more rocks, loose or otherwise, you get. And there's a lot of large steps, overhangs, and twigs to poke them eyes out! I'd totally label the north/east side as easy, but then the south/west side as strenuous.

I gave this 5 stars because it has a large variety. Smooth dirt trails, steep rocky trails, a creek with plenty of crossings (some dangerous, some easy) and swimming spots, a good amount of trails to roam on. And the scenery: beautiful! And it's mostly untouched at the higher elevations of the park. Great for casual hiking, trail running, exploring, mountain biking, splashing around, etc. Also it is well marked with trail signs, especially on the easy side of the creek.

Low key, fun hiking with a steep set of stairs. We did it with a family of young kids and loved it.

I love this trail lots of waterfalls and trail is really label good, I would go back to this trail!