Beautiful non-technical trail. A great way to start or finish a workout.

5 months ago

Nice short trek through the woods. Saw a rat snake along the way.

Dog crap everywhere. Creek full of garbage. Ok if you live near by and just need a quick place to walk your dog, but not good for anything else.

Super quick and easy trail. Nice and clean with lots of shade.

Just walked this path with my husky. The super wide sidewalk takes you from Holford to North Garland Ave there and back at a steady/decent pace will probably take you about 30 minutes, we also walked the smaller paths on the trail near the Holford side and that added another 15 minutes or so. All in all the trail was nice but wish the city would expand the main path but I understand why they can't. It was definitely clean throughout the paths we took and we did come across some scat people either left behind from their pets or it was an animal. Happy hiking everyone.

The mapped out trail was not what we had expected based on the description. We probably should have stuck to the super wide sidewalk rather than trying to follow the mapped path. As beginners trying to get in shape, that mapped path definitely wasn't "easy" like it shows here. I might try it again and stick to that extra wide path wherever it goes.

10 months ago

The paved path is nice and really wide, probably wide enough for at least five people to walk side by side comfortably. Along the paved path the trees were tall shading the trail and was pretty well maintained. We did come across a fallen tree along the path. We started from Holford Rd. towards N. Garland avenue which according to the gps tracker about 1 mile. We crossed the intersection and went into the unpaved forest trail. We actually walked a mile into it before deciding we should turn back around. The path was very narrow and foliage was extending into the path. We went along the creek side path and crossed paths with a black and yellow snake as well as had to walk across yet another fallen down tree and a mini creek that got our feet a bit wet. The unpaved trail was a little intimidating and truly felt like we were lost in a forrest.

I would stick to the paved path if I were a beginner. I don't think the unpaved path loops back around either so be aware if you trek into that part.

This hike was taken on 8/28/17 around the time of Hurricane Harvey. The trail wasn't too soft and started to rain right after we were done. This was my second trail in DFW, the first being Arbor Hill trails which had a much less dangerous unpaved trail. I gave this trail 4 stars for having both paved and unpaved. I took one star off for not having much information on the path, as well as it being slightly dangerous. There was debris on the trail and the creek had quite a bit of filth in it as

The trail past north garland road starts at 3:30 but does not look like how it does in this video!

A nice walk

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It is dog friendly!

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