Real chill, cedar coverage, nice elevation changes, cool bridge crossings, dogs dig it, swim with the snakes in the pond.

Update: Wear long pants! With all the warm weather and rain, the trail is pretty overgrown. It was already primitive (i.e. more of a footpath than a trail), but today the grass was mostly waist high and at one point up to my chest (and I'm pretty tall). The trail is still defined, but wear pants!

This was a great hike! It's not super long, but the elevation changes make it a decent workout. We only saw a few other people out there. Bring water for your dogs - there's a large pond but it's otherwise pretty dry. The greenery was so pleasant! It was peaceful and beautiful!

Nice little trail. Underwhelming views but decently maintained. Lots of trash unfortunately.

Decent lil trail

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

wear boots, light traffic, primitive, lightly improved, fair upkeep, lots of pet waste on and near trail, lots of trail side trash. otherwise beautiful when you hit a landmine free stretch

nice trail to walk. use bug spray before you go.

fun trail. be sure to take water.

the trail is awesome but wear the pants. i have a lot of scratches on my calves because of the grass being overgrown.

A little overgrown, but decent terrain changes. Wear pants.

It's a loop trail that I went through backwards. I'll say when the loop breaks (at the parking lot sign, go right. It's way more fun) the water and scenery was peaceful and appreciated being the only one on the trail. I would recommend.

not an out and back as others have mentioned, it's a loop. pretty, quiet, dog-friendly. the ground was super soft, i'll wear boots the next time we go. very nice afternoon hike!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

great trail, nice scenery for sure. not ideal if bringing a baby in stroller but if you have a body sling carrier it's worth it for sure. lots to see, baby loved it as much as we did!

Southeast Metro is off the beaten path and therefore, you have a good chance of having it to yourself. It's very hilly but manageable and not as rocky as trails on Austin's west side. It is a shady woodland with two small lakes and a dry creek bed (or at least it was when I was there).

Nice get away from the city, saw only 2 people on the trail. Definitely a nice, easy-moderate 2.2mile loop, not in and out. A few benches by the water to stop and take in the sounds of nature. The air smelled like poop most of the trail (?) which didn't feel fresh. But this PNW girl is used to the smell of pine trees in the mountains.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pretty scenic hike, nice length for a chill trail. Definitely watch out for a fallen tree in the path, but super nice that it was a secluded go about.

Was a nice hike with my dog! Very pretty. Not very challenging, but good to just get out into nature.

The primitive trail is more of a moderate hike than an easy one. If you have mobility issues, I would stick to the multi-use paved trail (2 mi) which is ADA compliant and great for bikes/skates/strollers. This map is showing 2.2 miles in/out, but it is indeed a loop. My GPS gave me 2.31 in a loop from parking lot and back around. The map at the trail head says it's a 2.2 mi loop with a .1 mi trail leading to the loop, so expect ~2.3mi with a lot of elevation change. Since we've had a bit of rain and flooding, the trail is a bit run down so watch out for fallen trees and roots sticking out! The bridges are all fun: they seem rickety, but totally stable. Over all, a fun hike with nice scenic spots and plenty of spots to sit, rest, and enjoy the view.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Loved this trail and so did my dog! Only passed one other person on the loop, which is my kind of hike. Looking forward to going back!.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This was a great trail. Lots of elevation changes, and not another person on the trail. Must be a good kept secret.

We visited this park in late April when a large variety of wild flowers were in bloom ... very pretty. We never saw any other people while on the trail. There were a couple of nice scenic views with downtown Austin in the background. The trail is very well maintained. You can do the entire loop in less than an hour.

Nice little loop. 2 nice ponds and look outs. Muddy after rain.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I hiked this with my dog and 5 month old on a beautiful Saturday. We had it all to ourselves. Very well-marked trail. Goes past two little ponds. Great for dogs and kids. There are some cobwebs to get through, but it wasn't too bad when I went.

Did some maintenance at this site. it seemed like a great place for a trail run or leisurely walk. Not to crowded, and away from city noises

Great trial. Well maintained.

Finished the trail it wasn't that hard it's got really great views i only saw 1 person at the very beginning and nobody for the rest of the time it's got some benches all along the trail wasn't to hard but a lot of up and down hills there are some parts with stairs and some bridges it marks pretty well there's three fishing pods there's a camping place not to far from the trail but we didn't go down there

Nice, well marked & well maintained loop trail with a couple of fishing ponds and some hill climbing. This would be on the low end of a moderate hike. Usually only a handful of hikers on the trail. For a walk near a major urban area, a good choice.

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