Beautiful and serene garden walk.

The botanical gardens are a beautiful oasis. The labeling of flowers, trees, and plants make it interesting and is good for any age group. I especially enjoyed Koi pond and the Tropical Center. There are several historic sites to include homes that have been moved there years ago. The max price to get in is $10 per person for an adult, military is $8. They have a gift shop in a place to eat in there. Overall a great short excursion that is not difficult.

Very beautiful and you will learn all about the different plants in texas and the different climates and environments texas has. I liked this trail very much. Ducks and turtles and many birds here. Butterflys too.

The San Antonio Botanical Gardens are a great place to get away from the noise of the city and walk through a variety of manicured gardens, ponds, and even historic dwellings. On this visit, the Gardens had a special display of life-sized dinosaur models. There is a lot of wildlife to see and photograph while you're there as well.

I loved this trail. The preserved buildings and history was wonderful. We had our dog so we were not able to go into the museums or the quadrangle. Will definitely go back to see those!

Just hiked the part through the San Antonio Gardens. Beautiful.

This was a very nice section of our Memorial Day Hike. We took our Boys Scout troop out for a 4-5 mile hike across Brackenridge Park. The Botanical Gardens was a section of this hike. It was a great spot for us to take a break in the shade and let the boys get a drink of water and give them a little bit of History about the Botanical Gardens. This area has gone through some major renovations and it is still underway. It is certainly worth the trip if you are in the area.