The Sam Houston National Forest is one of four National Forests in Texas. It is contained within Montgomery County, San Jacinto County, and Walker County. These counties have evidence of human occupation dating back 12 thousand years, making it an interesting historical and archeological site. The forest is located 50 miles north of Houston, making for a great weekend trip. It is also accessible from Austin, which is about a 3.5 hour drive away. The Sam Houston National Forest is a multi-use forest meaning that under the watch of the Forest Service, recreation, fish and wildlife, boating, timber, grazing, soil and water, and minerals, are all utilized so that the public can benefit from the resources and enjoy the conservation aspect as well. Summers in the forest are hot and humid and winters are relatively mild. The Lone Star Trail is in this forest, and hikers can choose from a multitude of trailheads or attempt the 128 mile through hike. There are three camping areas in the Sam Houston National Forest: Cagle Recreation Area, Double Lake and Stubblefield. Double Lake Recreation Area campsite can be reserved, but the other sites are first come first served only. Lake Livingston and Lake Conroe offer fishing and boating opportunities and swimming areas near the lake's beaches.

Completed a little over 18 miles of this trail and a little over 11 miles of the LSHT. our total was 36 miles on the 30 mile grand loop. this loop has 4 primitive camp sites spaced out about ever 6 miles. most creeks were dried up but the camp near Kelleys Pond camp had a spring fed creek that had some good water. If you're planning on doing this 30 mile loop I would highly suggest that you stash some water for yourself or bring a good pump filter. We used the MSR pump filter for the mud puddles and the sawyer squeeze filter on the cleaner water. Noticed 2 asps so beware. Those furry caterpillars will sting you. At night the coyotes, owls, and crickets filled the air with a beautiful Symphony. one section of the LLCL has a beautiful area of dwarf Palmettos as far as you can see. The best Thanksgiving ever! #optoutside

trail running
23 days ago

Beautiful trail and plenty of mileage for a long run. Soft footing with pine needles and leaves and sandy soil. Lots of exposed roots to keep your attention. Major river crossings had working bridges but minor creek bed crossings had poorly maintained bridges but no big deal as they were easily crossed. Peaceful and quiet little gem.

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