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The city of San Marcos does a great job maintaining their trails, this is no exception. It’s well marked, clean, and is set in the beautiful transition area between the post oak savanna and the hill country. It’s one of our favorite places to kill a 2, 3, or more hours depending on how many add-ons we do. If you’re quiet you’ll see lots of deer and other wild life. There’s a lot of road noise, but you’ll filter it out quickly. It’s a great hike, enjoy.

It was nice but once you get to the backend loop there is a couple long stretches with minimal shade. Very rocky trail but still a nice walk. Keep your eyes out for the tree that is complete infested with Daddy Long leg spiders! Most spiders I have seen in my life!

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7 days ago

first things first. this trail is not for the faint of ankle. there are plenty of jagged rocks and bedrock to keep you company. take every step with care and take plenty of breaks and come prepared if you have weak ankles. there are nice bits of of trail of course but mostly rocks. make sure to bring lots of water for you and the doggo. dont let the map fool you, all of the rivers are dried up. the only water source is at the trail head. this hike was more of a work out than a pretty hike. granted I am 240 lbs and didn't bring enough water for myself (i gave most of it to the dog) we ran into plenty of deer and bugs and it was a good way to burn a few summer hours.

Partly shaded

I go all the time. Nice hike

Beautiful and we'll maintained trail near San Marcos with many variations of routes to take, bit there are clear trail markers. I still recommend printing a map or downloading a map app because although marked, there are still some areas can can be confusing. Highly recommend this beautiful nature preserve.

First hike in over 8 years! So it was challenging for me. But it was beautiful, quiet once you get far enough from the main road, lots of butterflies along the way, birds singing...I’d definitely visit again

Liked the trail. Just one issue... so much dog poo... on the ground, in bags, on and off trail. :/ My dog just wanted to smell all the random mounds of poo. Haha

Very shaded and lots of greenery. Saw several deer and even a panther!

Rocky but nice trail. Best one I've seen since California and Colorado.

Great to have some moderately challenging trail in this area. Are there others that are similar?

Nice, level trail. a bit noisy next to the road at the beginning but much quieter after a mile in. Good overlooks to stop and catch your breath.

Did this Trail onSaturday. Wasn’t too muddy and only passed four others. Lovely in the sunshine fall air!

My wife and I have been meaning to hike Purgatory Creek, so a few days after the rain, we went hiking. As everyone mentioned, traffic noise can be heard the closer you are to the trailhead but tapers off. The hike itself was OK...with a few lookouts along Dante’s Trail and wildlife, mainly deer, in the clearing along the trail. I thought it would be more scenic. Oh yeah, there’s still plenty of muddy areas and a swamp blocking Dante’s Trail close to the start. There are plenty of mosquitoes along the trail so make sure to apply generous amounts of bug juice.

We went after the rains and it was really too muddy. Will definitely return when it dries up! Easy access and pretty surroundings, too bad the highway noise is so near.

Good moderate urban trail! Easy to get to and a lot of fun to hike.

Nice little trail. No dramatic elevation gain and not too many people.

It’s outdoors.... but little to get excited about. Very little elevation change, scenery changes from tree cover to desert. Some of the rocky parts could make mountain biking uncomfortable. No views to speak of.... one part you are above the creek, but there’s no water, and nothing to really see. Suggested for meditation, but not sightseeing.

Come back again and again and we see something different each time. Deer, lizards, little grass snakes, a coral snake. Its awesome. Trail shared by hikers, dogs, runners and mountain bikers, but, its never busy. Tons of diversity. Smooth wide trail, rocky rooty trail, nothing but rocks rocks rocks trail, open meadow trail. It never gets old. Even has an overlook where you can sit for a minute and look at the trail below. The buzzards like to hang out on the overlook and glare at the hikers below. Bring water, there is no water in the park and while the majority of it is shaded a few sections are nothing but sun baked rock and in summer it gets HOT. There is a water fountain at the Hunters road entrance, and privies at both the Hunter and Craddock entrances. No benches within the park so be prepared to either find a nice rock to sit on of just be prepared to not stop moving. Some sections have a very wilderness feel to them. Also, use this app. All the trails are marked but some intersections are marked a little weird and its easy to walk right past one if you're in a section that requires you to keep an eye on your footing.

it's got some distance to it don't forget to take a bottle of water or two, easy to moderate with some elevation included

Great trails and trail markings, moderately flat and curvy. Love the intersections and alternate trail routes available. But there's a lot of road noise from the nearby highway, but only on certain sections on the trail. Bring water.

Rough rocky hike but enjoyed it

I loved running this trail. It has a lot of variety. There are wide smooth parts to very rocky areas. I enjoyed the challenge of the hills and the rugged terrain. I ended up with 9 miles at 10:40 pace to include some walking parts. I can't wait to run it again!

Had a great time. Ended up 13.58 miles so it was a good hike. But the trails are poorly marked

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ran Dante's Loop there and back starting at Lower Purgatory. Tripped and fell 7 times, mostly on the upper portion. Too many roots and too rocky. Even if I didn't trip and fall, I couldn't enjoy the scenary because of the concentration the trail requires. Not what I am personally looking for with trail running. I might run the Lower portion again but not Upper. It makes for a fine hike though.

The trail was well marked and was not challenging. However, once you get further into the woods it is much more quiet from the traffic and enjoyable to see and hear nature.There are also many alternatives to other smaller trails or take the long loop around.

Make sure you have GPS. Some parts of the trail are clearly marked and other areas can be confusing. I planned a 4.3 mile hike and ended up doing 6.6 miles my 1st time out. It's a beautiful area so I didn't mind too much. Lower Purgatory has some car noise from Wonder World/ RR12 so I much preferred upper. I have seen a coral snake very near the trail. We startled each other so watch your feet, expecially in the summer. Upper Purgatory is rather rocky and technical. The Paraiso portion on this suggested route in upper Purgatory is closed in the spring.

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