Nice trail, not long, but enjoyable for what it is.

This was one of the nastiest parks I have been to in a long time. Everywhere you look there was dog poop on the ground. So sad to see how this park has turned out in the last year. It used to be a beautiful place to walk my dog. Now it’s absolutely disgusting

I'm glad to have been able to get to the top.

Trail markers are bit confusing. Still great trail to run!

Loved it! Super fun hike, with a good mix of wooded areas and open prairie-like areas. Lots of options for different short trails to explore.

Great for your local walk, not worth driving to just to go hiking.

The terrain is a nice mixture with enough smooth surface for running. Great opportunity to make it as long or short of a adventure as you want.

good for beginners just like me

needs a little more upkeep. areas are very rough, pointy sharp rocks sticking out of ground where path is. very beautiful.

Half of the trails are closed this time of year. But this wasn't posted until we got there. The trails that are open are nothing but rocks. Watch your feet.

The trail is pretty good overall (I loved it) it's a great trail it's on the NW side of the trail when it gets very challenging.

Wish there was water Carrier there. Other than that perfect place to spend all day

Great park for a nice quick getaway and picnic. Had a run in with several deer and one snake. Man made structures and traffic noise are abundant at the start of the trail at the lower entrance but once you get up, over, and down into the bowl area it's not so bad. Didn't make it to the northern part of the park but will certainly be back to explore.

Great trail.

This complex has over 9 miles of trails. The entrance trail at Hunter does pass drainage infrastructure but the rest is very natural.
There is wildlife and cactus. Most of the trail is fairly clear but there is enough up and down with rocks and roots to add interest. There are a few nice beauty spots.
The rating of moderate fits for about a third of the trail. The rest is easy.
Complaints of not pretty or not marked well enough are funny to me. Nine miles of semi arid area with cactus and mesquite over rocky hills will present some small challenges. That's why people do it. If you didn't see pretty, then you didn't hike far enough.
If you are posting complaints about navigational challenges here, then you are not fully utilizing the app.

Surprisingly good trail. Varied terrain. Some areas are not very clearly marked so it is easy to get turned around. Lots of trail work going on so I expect it to be better each time.

nice trail, but can get a little repetitive as far as scenery goes. but overall it is a great trail to hike and love going with my dog!

Lots of beautiful butterflies floating around.

Put in at Prospect Park TH and hiked to Upper Purgatory and returned. Well marked and maintained trails.

No water. As stated, does not loop.

Some trails were pretty crowded by brush and it was a little closer to civilization than I'd like but still really nice! Also, clearly marked which is nice.

Trails need to be more define, need more maps posted and areas need to be well kept. It was just OK.

Several of the trails are washed out. Nothing fabulous about the trails. Trails not marked well and are overgrown.


We were pretty disappointed by this trail. Part of it was closed - which was the shaded part. We went on the part of the trail that was getting full sun exposure, and it was miserably hot. The trail isn't kept up/frequented enough to keep the trail clean. The path is very narrow and flowers/weeds/plants are constantly rubbing and scratching on your shins. Wish I would have worn long pants, but then I might have passed out from the heat. There wasn't any good views. Just a rock pile, highway, and completely dried out creek bed. The trail didn't have much elevation, so it wasn't a very good workout. (The most athletic part of the hike was dodging the weeds). Somehow, we ended up on the "closed" part of the trail, as well as an area that said we would be arrested for going on. Too bad we didn't see the signs until exiting those areas. Things are not clearly marked at all. On the plus side, I got a few pics of pretty flowers...but most were dried out & dead.

We did the trail on a Thursday. Not many people and easy parking. Porta-potty at trailhead (south entrance). We had a great time and it seemed a majority of the trail was in the shade.

Would do this again

got lost in the trails but it doesn't matter we were there to get a workout and we did! great place to unwind and enjoy nature.

Amazing trail. Run it very often.

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