6 days ago

this trail is pretty nice. you can almost double the length if you do the additional section (not shown on this map, but marked at a trail map). Pros: fairly even most of the way, lots of trees and woods, fishing spots on hickory creek, nice little ups and downs, wide enough trail, lots of off trail meandering places. Cons: even after a light rain, trails get pretty muddy. black gumbo + red clay makes most of the trail messy esp after rain showers. loved sharing the trail with horses, but they muck up the trail pretty badly if it's wet. there's a good amount of trash along the way (big trash too, like rusted out metal pieces) which isn't as nice. about 1/3 of the trail is backing up to houses, which isn't my favorite, and a lot of city noises. still, overall, a nice trail for inside the city wandering!

A great length trail in the Denton area! Usually pretty quiet and shaded. The scenery is pretty consistent as woods for a while but the ends of the trail have beautiful views of the lake!

Nice simple hicking trail. We saw several animals and birds. Parts of trail could use some grooming, deep ruts and a tree has fallen across part of trail. Over all it was pleasant. Easy walking.

Nice and easy trail. Saw several others out enjoying the trail. Easy hiking/ walking paths.

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26 days ago

beautiful for trail running. I was a dumb and went right after lunch on a Sunday, so there were tons of people. the only complaint I had were people smoking cigarettes on the trail which was unpleasant, and people taking up the whole trail when they see someone running towards them. but no complaints about the actual trail. really pretty, some nice quick hills, clearly marked.

2 months ago

Beautiful lake and view. Number of friendly horseback riders.

Nice easy hike!

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7 months ago

Pilot Knoll / Hickory Creek is a really beautiful hike/bike path. If you like dragon flies you’ll love this trail. There are bunches! While most of the standard route is fairly stress-free to navigate, there are portions that will prove challenging. Steep uphill climbs, rocky terrain, and some spots with deep ruts from weathering, run-off and mountain bikes makes the roughly 6-mile in-and-out course less-than-routine. It’s no walk in the park. Add heat and humidity like today and it’s a good work-out and far from easy... A word of caution: the underpass was almost unnavigable - even a week or so after a rain event, the mud was so deep and so heavy it was almost impossible to get through. Take the path that leads up and over instead of crossing if you see mud...

Started out from the trailhead at Old Alton Road. There was only one little piece far in that was muddy, mostly easily walked around. However, the underpass was flooded and marked the end of my hike.

10 months ago

Best easy access "green tunnel" trail for running, hiking or in horse near Denton. No need to enter the park, there's free parking outside or early mornings. Major complaint: April 2017 the tunnel under the village parkway was flooded side to side so on horse or bike you might be okay but my run was not the 4-5 planned. A few nice little spurs down to the lake and hard to get lost!

11 months ago

Plenty of shade, clean trails and trail markings were easy enough to read.
We will definitely be coming back

11 months ago

very nice trail, marks is OK. easy to hike trail.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trail a bit confusing. Nothing marked after P6, but still a nice walk.

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Friday, August 05, 2016

Trail was nice but a little more overgrown than I expected. Will visit again for sure but with different gear next time.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Great trails maintained by the city of Copper Canyon. Notes that on 6/4 all trails are submerged and impassable.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is a great trail!

The main trail here appears to be Hickory Creek as the route I took was called that hit matched the GPS record of others that are posted in this app.

That said, I will definitely go back here. The trail runs directly beside a bunch of farms with very inquisitive horses and one charming donkey. (Please don't feed them!)

I did 8 miles total on this system and the woman at the Pilot Knoll Park kiosk was both very friendly and extremely helpful.

I've added a few pics!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I enjoyed this hike, very few people after you get about 1/2 mile into it. I parked on the side of the street at Old Alton and did not see anyone after the first 1/2 mile until I made it to Village Parkway. I would say that about 95-97% of the trail was dry today, and the 3-5% of the trail had standing water and soggy area. Those areas were comfortable to walk around. I recommend it, little elevations overall easy Hike in my opinion.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Completed this out and back today. There is really quite a trail system built out in this area, but unfortunately the flooding of the past year has really turned much of the area into a less desirable area. You can see that the trail was under water for a long time, the high water lines on the trees tell the story.

The lakeside trail is still quick soggy in areas even though we have not had rain for a while. The trash is surprising. It is sad to think that there was that much floating around in the water to be deposited here.

The hike itself is nice easy path with just slight elevation gains and losses We departed from the parking lot located just outside the main park entrance. There is lots of parking there and you do not have to pay the park fee. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

The first part of the hike is along the property line so you are walking along side the backyards of the neighbors. After about 8/10 the of a mile you are away from the houses for a while.

There were a number of other hikers out today, but it certainly was not crowded.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

I really enjoyed certain parts of the trail. Nearer to the lake it was muddy from the flooding still. There was once or twice were I couldn't tell which path I was supposed to take as there was a fork in the trail. I entered the start of the trail where the boat ramp entrance was, there was another trail across from it. Poindexter this trail was a lot nicer. I could not find it on the app/website.

Monday, November 09, 2015

2 days after a hard rain, trail was passable but muddy in spots.

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