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Activities include camping, picnicking, hiking, fishing, birding, nature study, pedal boat and canoe rentals, swimming, tubing, and canoeing.

We went today and it was a very nice walk. We will be going back.

Fun combination of three trails at the park. Some unique views for southern Texas. Park staff was very accomodating.

17 days ago

Simple walk through the park. Does have a couple river overlooks.

17 days ago

Best trail in the park with the swampy areas and palmetto palms. Most scenic.

17 days ago

Its a path around a small fishing lake. Not much to see.

The trail is a walk through some unique local features. Nice campground. The trail is family friendly and a stroller can be used.

Extremely easy trail. Extremely. Perfect for just strolling, wheel chair accessible. Lots and lots of Palmettos. Gave it 3 stars because though it was pretty, I personally wouldnt go on this particular trail again unless I was with someone who had a physical handicap.

6 months ago

on Oxbow Lake Trail

8 months ago

Super easy trail with plenty of boardwalks. Lots of butterflies/moths and their caterpillars. Take the Palmetto Interpretive Trail that joins the Ottine. W Lots of swamp!

Super easy trail with some nice benches to watch the lake. Takes you by a church. Watch for snakes as we saw several in the lake. May 2018

Great trail for kids/family of all ages. Lots of chances to do part or all of the trail. Love the boardwalks and the palmettos.

Superb trails for thinking, as there a few elevation changes, rocks, or other obstacles to divert your concentration. Deep forests, once in a while feral hogs early in the morning, a few snakes, a turtle or two, geese at certain times of the year, squirrels talking trash, hawks, you get the picture. The adjacent property has cattle (who indeed are lowing) and horses, who do find their way onto the trails from time to time. The trails themselves are very well maintained with crushed granite, packed soil, or sand (on the San Marcos river trail). Come off season in December-February and feel the open winter air.

Amazing trails. I would recommend doing the river trail first. Finishing up with the swamp one last. That would truly be a 'back in time' route.

mountain biking
Friday, May 26, 2017

I will keep the 5 star rating going. It's beautiful. Easy easy for those that mountain bike. However, bridge after bridge after bridge is pretty cool. Watch out for snakes. My wife ran one over.....don't tell her but it was hilarious with legs up above handlebars.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Included most all of this trail within a loop we did. Well maintained, easy, and peaceful. This hike includes the site of the extinct Mud Boils which were active until the early 1970s.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Very well maintained, quite, and unique. Take your time and enjoy. Did almost all of this trail within a loop plus connectors that we did in November. Some day, I would like to see it in it's wet season.

Very well maintained trail system with 3 main trails that one could do separately as well as in this loop. Spurs and connectors also have interesting features, some of which, we added to our loop. While very easy, it is also very pleasant and interesting as one goes through different eco systems all in one small area. Quite and peaceful as well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In Palmetto State Park, this trail is at tent camping grounds which includes picnic tables, outdoor grills, playground, paddle boat and kayak rentals. Restrooms are located at the trailhead. The area is nicely maintained. Hike/walk is short and flat.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A great trail for a beginner or for families. Six foot wide gravel trail and nice bridges. I walked it and never saw a soul.

The most difficult of the trails at Palmetto State Park. That being said, it was quite easy. A bit uphill at times, which I didn't find with the others. This is the most scenic of the trails.

It was great! My 5 year old had fun too! I would recommend it to older individuals as well. Good luck! Have fun

I went on March 23, 2016. I posted some images of some areas near the trial, and also the San Marcos River. It was a really nice small trail. I definitely recommend going in the spring time.

Small but beautiful park. We rode MTB; took our nephew with us. The trail is easy for all family and kids. The trails are in great shape. We did the loop, the San Marcos trail was closed due to recent flood activity a couple months back. The bike was fun but walking the trails would be nice as well. We saw an off the leash dog chase a deer. I am not sure if the dog made it back to the owners, I hope the dog did not kill it.

The park trails are in excellent condition and it is mostly shaded

Pretty cool park

I enjoyed this park. Lots to see and very interesting how it changes from area to area.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hiked this a couple weeks back. My wife and I enjoyed. Not too much in the way of climbing. Lots of varied topography from river bottom to forest.

Nice easy trail, beautiful!

Easy loop hikes. Swamp trail much more scenic than the lake trail.

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