clean and nice flat pavement for most of the hike. only negative was trails not well marked glad I had my phone to gps where I should make my turn back to my car.

nice easy paved trail. there is a creek with a waterfall right in the middle of it.

Great place for my 7 year old and I to bike

Nice easy trail with some scenic areas

This is more of a walking or running trail - completely paved, so there's really no hiking. It's nicely maintained, and most of the trail has a well-worn foot path just to the side of the paved trail if you don't like walking on concrete. The path runs along the back side of some nice homes and there are a couple of "scenic" spots of the Trinity River (about as scenic as the Trinity gets).

Lots of very friendly and curteous bikers on the trail.

Very dog-friendly and everyone had their dogs leashed! This is normally a problem for us on other parts of the Trinity Trail system (lots of owners letting their dogs off-leash) since our dog is not so friendly with other dogs.

Overall a nice path for a jog or leisurly stroll with the family.