Technical trail, lots of rocks, roots and stairs on stairs on stairs! Beautiful. The river was dry so no waterfall but still gorgeous.
plenty of people on the trail during the week. I felt safe running alone.
Bring water!
There is no turn around point for the shorter trail. The trail is well marked with signs every .25 miles

Stairs and more stairs. Great place to train for our upcoming JMT hike. Trekking poles were not a bad idea.

Excellent trail, well marked, shady. Awesome!

I love this trail. I'd call it difficult and not moderate, if I compare it to other moderate trails.

It's pretty and is a great getaway in an urban area.

I did this hike a while back in 2016. Loved the scenery, a decked out pond at beginning with a small shaded river running through bottom of mountain. The climb gets real so I just went from the bottom to the top where it comes out on River Pace Blvd.

trail running
5 months ago

Very pretty. Very green and leafy, even during the winter time. Good signage. Straight forward trail with lots of steps. Going from north to south is easy, but going south to north you get some elevation climbing. Of course it's not near the level of the Natural Trail at River Place, but it's still a good hike.

There was one section, though, where I thought the trial looked a little thin. Then I noticed the actual trail went to the west (I was going from north to south). The steps were a little overgrown and thus hidden, and people have been taking a short-cut (the "thin trail"). I'd urge everyone to try and stay on the actual trail. It's the smallest little cut-off, but still it's good to keep the actual trail in tact.

Narrow trail with lots of up and down steps. It can get pretty busy on the weekends, but some nice views and some wet weather creeks. The creeks were dry when we went today, but it was still a nice trail. Lots of people brought their dogs on leashes. I wouldn't classify this trail as "easy" either. This should be a "moderate" at least. It is a good workout though for a short trail.

Easy hike with beautiful water views. Love all of the small waterfalls throughout the hike!

nice creek side walk, lots of small waterfalls. shaded

Nice trail and easy to do.

Have hiked with family and with dogs, great trail!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Nice little part of the larger River Place Nature Trail. Seemed cooler than the rest of the trail which was very nice.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yuhhh yuhh yuhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

excellent trail. well kept. fun ups n downs.....good daily hike in 45min and off to work.

Very pretty hike, the trail can get muddy after a rain. All the stairs are a great workout, but not good in the heat if you aren't in decent shape. I recommend going off on Little Fern trail, great little swimming holes and waterfalls.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Not much to this one. Nice climb at the end.

Really peacefull and calming has stair that are a great work out we visit in April 2014 and the larger trail was closed down ! Looking foward on going back and hopefully the trail is open then

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