Activities include camping; hiking; picnicking; equestrian; bird and wildlife watching from the interpretive center windows, as they come to the watering stations; and sand surfing. Texas Camel Treks are held at the park.

It's an informative and pretty walk in a desert garden not much else but nice

A nice stretch of the legs after being on the highway for quite a while.

It is ok, just to get out of the house and enjoy a nice family afternoon in the park. The walk itself is nothing more that just a few steps around. The park is worth visiting and sliding down the dunes.

scenic driving
Friday, August 23, 2013

Our kids really enjoyed sand surfing in the sandhills! Even a piece of cardboard will work.

The park is not very large, but the work out you get from the sand dunes makes you feel like you have walked much further! It was very nice and clean. Overall, it was nice. Once you get to trails, you can go for many miles within the park area over the sand dunes.