Of all the mission trails this will be my spot to run when in town! Loved the variety of terrain and the view especially. Go around 7 or 8am it doesn't get packed till after 8am.

Peaceable area and a long and nicely paved trail with mile markers labeled in the side walk. You can go a number of directions and around the river. Beware of the high volume of bicyclists if youre on foot or want to take your dogs.

This was a good relaxing trail.

This is part of a wonderful path that make it easy get to.There are walk ways around the compound that allows you to meander around. The mission is currently under construction, but that does not stop anyone to being able to enjoy it. I very much recommend the ride out there

I never knew these missions were here til I found this trail. The missions and history of this area is amazing. This entire trail from the Alamo to the San Francisco De La Espada
is 10 miles or better. However they have "B Cycle" rentals here all along the trail $10/24 hours you just have check the bike in at the check stations along the route. Very neat indeed! I will sdfinitely be back to do the entire trek.

beautiful area. Trails are under construction at this time. I will definitely go back when the trails are complete. Currently there is a small half mile loop.