Miller Springs Nature Center is a compilation of 10 loop trails, located below Belton Lake Dam, between Temple and Belton. The trails are suitable for all skill levels and are primarily used for hiking. Bikes are allowed on the trails accessible from the south entrance (Miller Springs Park), also. The trails closest to the Temple side are handicap-accessible. Farther trails have considerable altitude change and a few require scrambling.

Trails eroded and overgrown. Needed an app to navigate. May be better in the Fall.

I hike here often. The trails are open. The individual trails are not marked so get a map or download one. You'll be in woods, creek beds, an open valley meadow, and the spillway adjacent to Belton Dam. The trails are all pretty easy with one or two short climbs that are a little steep...but not hard. If you go from April to October remember it gets hot in Central Texas so take plenty of water.
Some of the views are very nice and when you are down in the bottom of the valley you'd swear you were hundreds of miles from anywhere when in fact you are very close to Belton, Temple and Killeen. Enjoy!

Great and fun trails to hike. BE ADVISED- these trails are very poorly marked. Make sure you have a phone or a gps with a detailed map on it before you go out.

Trails aren't marked well (but it's been closed for quite some time so that could have something to do with it) .... And I hate to sound like a whiney baby, but the trail entrance clearly states no pets, which is why I left my pups at home (I Googled to see if they were allowed prior to coming) - we did however pass a few people who were out with their dogs :|

Park is still closed. Lots of road noise...also the constant sound of leaf blowers around the south east area. Might want to save this hike for the summer when the leaves will dampen some of the noise. Trails are not marked very well (which may be due to the park being closed for months). Yet there is a ton of fresh trash all over the trails. Come on people! Pack your trash out!