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There were some difficult ups and downs. But, me and my granddaughter are getting good at it. We entered the trail from behind the soccer field. Start of the trail is not where it says it is.

nature trips
1 month ago

in the houston arboretum, there are seperate trails (such as coyote trail) and the trees provide just enough cover where the sun filters through perfectly. this is also a great place to take some nature pictures. it is one of my favorite places in houston!!!

mountain biking
1 month ago

my dad and i were biking part of this trail. i slowed down to stop, because i wasnt a very advanced mountain biker (one of my wheels got caught on a tree root.) as i was about get back on i saw rustling in the bushes. then, a fairly large coral snake (and i am absolutely sure it wasnt a king snake) slithered out. i told my dad to not go over and poke it because, as some of you guys may know, coral snakes are extremely venemous. this is why i may hesitate to allow younger children or off leash dogs to go on this trail. otherwise, 5 stars!!!

Spring hike where there is not a lot to see. The flowers are not blooming and there still is a lot of water standing in the ditches. They are in the middle of revitalizing the area so entrance has moved and the outer loop is not complete. Enter off of West Loop feeder road with new parking area. Much more parking now.

I like this trail as it is not filled with Mountain bikers. A little more challenging than the flat purple trail and has a few steep step ups/downs... but a novice can get through easily.

Rerating this trail... Not completely easy as there are some sections that have been eroded to make it hard for a "easy" walker to navigate. Sections of this should be upgraded to moderate, but combine this with blue trail and it is a great workout.

Attempted to start off of the purple trail, but got to a section that seemed impassible for EASY. Looks like hurricane may have washed part away. You would basically have to climb down into a ditch and climb back out. As someone just starting to hike and being alone, I was not able to make the LEAP into the ditch, nor climb out. I turned around and hiked purple/orange instead.

2 months ago

This trail head was nonexistent.

Nice place to walk the dog on a Sunday in January. A lot of downed trees, might be leftover from Harvey. Some of the trails are boardwalk, which was kinda slippery because it had rained the day before. Probably much prettier in the spring/summer.

under construction. very busy on MLK day.

Really great place to walk with the kids.

it's a nice and easy trail but dusty.

Nice hike where you almost forget you're in the middle of a huge city. Well marked.

This trail is a nice little surprise tucked away just inside the West Loop near Memorial Park. Very quiet and relaxing walk.

What a gem! It’s a reprieve from the hustle and bustle; right in the middle of Houston!
There are some considerable upgrades in the works for the center, so much of the trail is closed. But once they are done, it’s going to be so fantastic.
Today was my first time there and it was quite wonderful. I have nothing but great words.
Dogs are allowed.
Brought bug spray, but we didn’t need it.

Great trail, at least the parts that were open. Part of the trail was closed due to construction. The portion that was open was great though.

10 months ago

Easy, scenic, can't really go wrong with that

11 months ago

another amazing place.

Monday, May 22, 2017

i have been going, and I love it, I have done all the color yesterday I enjoy the rain over the leaves it surprises me I did not get wet. love love love it

no words can explain. rainy morning made it an even better experience.

Great nature trail right inside the city which makes you forget where you are. Lots of flora to enjoy. Outer loop is almost 2.5 mi. If you take time to enjoy some of the extra alternate side trails, which are nice.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A little short but very easy to get to "in the city" Would recommend but probably won't go back.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Super good trail to satisfy our want to hike without anything difficult. It was beautiful and in the woods but short and easy. And easy to get to.

Very Dog friendly, and family oriented environment. Trails add up to about 5 miles.

Easy walk, beautiful scenery.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Perhaps as good as it gets in houston but you can still hear road noise in a lot of the park. Lots of mountain bikes so keep an eye when on foot. Not sure why this is rated moderate- definitely easy.

absolutely love it!!! You see wildlife and my kids love that about this place.

The park has very nice scenery and lots of shade. It also has great trails that get out of the busy city. The only down side is you can hear highway traffic in some areas of the pathway. But still so worth going. I will be going back.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easy hike through wooded area so you feel like you're out of the city. It gets a little harder a little further back on the trails. I love this park!

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