You got to like ‘rocky hiking, did this a couple of times but have not accomplished the peak yet,

I did this trail again after 2 years following the same path, and it was very exciting. Climbing the rocks, that is the hardest part, can actually be done without problems, it is like walking up steep stairs, just take your time and use both hands too. Once at the summit of the Mount the views are amazing, a beautiful landscape.

great balance of hiking and climbing. You really get a sense of accomplishment as you look back at everything you have scaled. great trip for the experienced.

Take the Ron Coleman Trail, not this one. I thought it would be cool to get a view of El Paso and Juarez from the south, but ended up walking through nothing but cactus patches (there's not much of a trail). My girlfriend has a huge scar on her butt from sliding down the mountain, but don't tell her I said that. We ended up hiking down the West side of the mountain and getting an Uber all the way back to the trailhead. Two Stars instead of One because it was kinda my fault too.

The difficulty lies with some legit rock climbing that had to take place to get to the top. Scenery was well worth the hike. NOT a good runner friendly trail. Definitely good for a hike.

I love this trail. I only recently started hiking and was able to complete this hike in a timely manner. I definitely suggest having good shoes and an adequate amount of water. The most difficult part is going up via Ron Coleman.

Good hike to the summit. Be careful on the way down. The rocks where plaster was used to prevent erosion are very smooth even when dry.

Monday, November 07, 2016

First half was a nice hike with moderate climb. Second half seemed like as much a rock scramble as a hike. Great view. Quick hike.

You start at the same entrance to the Ron Coleman Trail near the McKelligon Canyon Road. Just a few feet to the left, take a trail that goes up near the canyon. The trail is not used too much, so in some sections you can not see it but with care you can walk with no problems. Once at the top of the mountain, take the trail to your left. The trail continues going up and there are some sections that you have to climb the rocks, a bit difficult but exciting, nothing that you can not do. You get to the ridge of the Franklin Mountains and continue on the trail. The last section before reaching the Mount Franklin is a rocky area but easy to walk. When you return, take the other trail to go down. This trail, at the left side of the canyon, is easier and takes you to the McKelligon Road, then turned to your left and you will arrive to the point you started. In some parts the trail is difficult, but once you are at the top of the Mount Franklin, you feel a great satisfaction, and you greatly enjoy the view. It is important to wear hiking shoes, no tennis shoes.

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