25 days ago

Flowers just losing petals.

Went today with my pup on the off leash side. Loved it. Would like some signage, but the adventure was super fun. Will be going again!

Attractive trails in a sprawling city park. Needs a bit better maintenance and some maps or signs. Walked a two mile loop with four kids with no trouble. Nice place for pets, lots of dogs. Fun playground with pavilions and bathrooms.

I mean... it's a city park. Nothing special

mountain biking
7 months ago

Trail is hard to follow, no signage at all. I made what I thought was a complete loop, turns out I wasn't even on the bike trail.
I also ate it crossing the creek right at the beginning, it's SLICK when wet!! Lol.

Got a little lost from heading the wrong way on the path. There's no map in the front like there should be. Trail is nice and easy, some places are rocky though. Sunny, no fountains along the trail. Lots of dogs out, spotted some deer too. Would recommend.