Photos of Martin Dies, Jr. State Park Hiking Trails

1 month ago

The Island trail is the shortest and possibly heaviest used trail in Martin Dies Jr. State Park. It is a lovely short sampling of what the park has to offer, and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. If you are short on time and want a quick, easy hike that takes in some nice views, go here. The trail is accessed from the Walnut Slough boat launch area on the north end of the park. From the parking area, cross the bridge spanning the cypress lined slough onto Walnut Island and take one of the trails to the left. I usually take the right hand side of the loop first, which leads to the quickest views of marshy Steinhagen Lake. There are usually lots of egrets, herons and other waterfowl to observe. The trail passes through dense forest with some impressive-sized magnolia, loblolly pine, overcup oak, red maple and beech trees. We found the fall colors here in late November to be gorgeous in places. On the east side of the loop, the trail peeks out into a bald cypress-lined slough, these were also in full fall color. The trail is easily combined with the Wildlife Trail across the larger bridge to the north into a longer hike.