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Once we got past the entry a little ways it was better but there was SO. MUCH. Glass. It was freaking ridiculous

Beautiful, but a lot of trash :-(

Trails have potential but the trash is a real problem. Looks like it people were having a blast on MTB.

Had a tough time with this one, due to most of the trail being flooded. Like many people have said- there is a fair amount of trash. The trails aren't marked very well, but if you use this app- you can easily follow the trail on your phone. I plan on giving this another shot when it's dried out.

22 days ago

I loved it!

It had rained a few days prior, so I thought the trail wouldn't be too muddy. I was wrong. Ended up having to bushwack my way around many flooded sections, and take bypasses. There was a considerable amount of trash on this trail, which is a total bummer. Some of the climbs are pretty steep, which I enjoyed. All in all, I had a decent time.

Nice trail. Some trash. But not too bad
Very wet today
Nice and rocky along w varied trail

on Sansom Trail

trail running
2 months ago

Technical rocky trail, good climbs, sometimes insects get after you (stings, bites) in the areas with dense vegetation. MTBers help take Card if he trail, but watch out for them.

There was so much trash. Very sad

trail running
5 months ago

Love the waterfall

Trying to find the old tractors that are here somewhere!

so let's all get together and clean it up!

Second time coming here, love the trails but hat all the trash.

6 months ago

Great trail if you like a good little hike but don’t mind getting a bit lost. Most of the trails are not marked until you get to the top. Several places are pretty steep but not too bad. The bottom portions are nice with plenty of shade. Not a place for children.

Definitely easy to maneuver and there is always an easier way down those trains.

7 months ago

lots of glass in some areas. steep onclines. mind some of the trash if you have dogs or young kids overall really good trail

8 months ago

Beautiful view but like a previous review, there is a bunch of trash and way too much broken glass all over the trail. No markers either.

8 months ago

Nice trails, love all the switch backs. The lack of trail markers wasn’t a big deal to me because there’s a map at the trailhead. This place could be so beautiful if it weren’t for all the trash. Unfortunately, we share this planet with lazy fucks that don’t respect the beauty that surrounds us.

Lots of trash, no trail markers, not appealing.

Went with my husband. First thing we noticed was all the broken glass everywhere. It was ridiculous. Then the garbage all over, and I usually stop and pick the trash up but there was too much on this trail. There was 1 trash can that we came across along the trail. It’s unmarked as well. We passed 2 groups of people who were trying to get down to the water. We lived in CO for 7 years and hiked numerous trails within the springs and have never seen as much garbage and broken glass. We call it Hep C falls now. It was disappointing. My husband and I agreed, if the city took any time at all clearing some of the paths, marking some trails, and cleaning up this place it could be great.

8 months ago

Would be a favorite trail if it wasn’t for the trash and glass. I wish they could clean it up. :(

Love it

10 months ago

Been hiking this with the dog for a couple of months now. Great trail. There are bikers so keep an eye out. They are good about watching for you too and share the trails well.

Only wish was more folks would clean up after themselves.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Lots of broken glass! Not a big deal if you aren't bringing dogs. Lots of trash too.

Friday, September 08, 2017

The trail itself was ok. But the park as a whole was so dirty.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

The trail was so rocky and steep. I didn't care for all of the trash laying around. Definitely wouldn't go to this trail alone. The only attraction is the tiny waterfall.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

The trail was so rocky and steep. I didn't care for all of the trash laying around. Definitely wouldn't go to this trail alone. The only attraction is the tiny waterfall.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The trail is pretty treacherous for young children. Do bring plenty of water; however, it is sad how people throw their trash everywhere. It is cool seeing the alligator gar jumping above the surface to catch bugs by the waterfalls.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Love it!

Friday, August 11, 2017

I was hiking with trekking poles with a girlfriend that had no poles. (I'm 62 & female) it was dawn on a Sunday morning in August. I loved it! so rocky and down down down down, until we were tired...then it was up up up up up up to get back! :) this trail is for bicyclers. I'm sure it's awesome for them, but hiking is fun on it too. so we would listen for a bike coming and we'd step off the path. we did that maybe 3 times. we talked to a trail runner also. very shaded. I learned I'm gonna get knee pads so I would have more confidence to go fast. fast it fun on these trails!

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