27 days ago

Most of it was concrete trail and can be brutal on your feet but it is very well maintained and wide enough to fit both bike riders and runners/walkers. There is a section that is the dam and runs next to the frontage road that is completely exposed to the sun. I'd recommend avoiding that area in direct sun especially in the Summer.

Paved trail, so it can be hard on the joints. We don't have a lot of options here in the city, so this is better than walking/running the roads!

This was a clean, long path. Only about a third of it was shady and my walk.logged 6 miles. Some wildflowers, a few water birds, lots of people fishing. I didn't really like the section walking along the highway.

Great trails, great view! I love the pathway all the way around the lake.

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1 month ago

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1 month ago

My wife and I enjoyed this trail alot, beautiful scenery around the lake. The only problem was the mileage seems to be off, we ended up going about 6 miles from start to finish, and the paved portion tore my knees up as the majority of the trail is paved.

But in the grand scheme of things those are minor complaints, we will definitely be back, highly recommend. ps. Take a lot of water (;

trail running
2 months ago

It's approximately 6 miles everytime I have ran its in great shape, the majority of it is concrete except for the Ridge along loop 820 overall its good for running and biking. I would suggest running with the wind at your back cause on the ridge it can be super fast or nearly running into a wall of wind.

Third time on this trail. I dragged the hubby out this time. Even he enjoyed it! Beautiful!

4 months ago

Nice paved sidewalk around the lake. Very easy and was pretty clean.

Great place to bring kids on their bikes bc it's paved, and great for dog walking or jogging!

This trail is 90% paved sidewalk. The only part that isn't paved is on the dam up along the interstate which is a fine gravel. Don't come here expecting trail running - it's fancy-fied city-running around the lake. But I give the city credit-it's a very well-maintained trail.

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7 months ago

This trail surrounds the Marine Creek Lake it is 90% paved-trail, there is a section of gravel by the interstate. Note: be careful if you plan to ride your bike because the concrete trail becomes really slippery when wet, even from running water spills. I've witness two times when paramedics had to be called to take cyclist to the hospital. Some shaded areas on the west side and north side of the lake, the rest has no shade. Overall it is a nice 6 mile loop trail.