Took this loop 2 days after the area had a heavy storm, BAD IDEA. This was my first solo outing and I found myself trekking through 3-4ft. of water for miles along the lake side of this loop, with fish and turtles jumping in the water around me. I had a very large carp splash not but 2 feet in front of me, good thing my pants were already wet. I still have bad feelings towards the sight of a Palmetto. Luckily the trail is well marked so sticking to it wasn't a problem.

All together, eliminating the high volumes of water, the trail was not bad. Some area's were obviously not as traveled as others so slightly overgrown. I took a bath in bug spray before venturing out so the mosquito's wouldn't bother me, but they definitely made their presence known. So be sure to bring bug spray, a Thermacell, or something on this trail or you may return with a lot less blood.

There are a number of creek crossings that are a little too wide to jump if the water is up. This makes for plenty of places to refill on water but be sure to have waterproof boots or an extra pair of dry socks.