A nice little trail. It was a great overcast day for our hike and a good test of the new backpacks. If only it had some real hills it'd be great. The Little Lake is a good destination and stopping place for a bite to eat! (Though there is some discussion on whether it's a Lake or a Pond)

I started at 3rd parking lot (mile 8) and hiked all the at back to my car at Huntsville state park. Used Huntsville taxi ,Margie for shuttle. Trail was well marked. Way too boring. Too much sameness. Lakes were pretty. Saw no wildlife and only 3 people in 25 miles. I will not go back.

4 months ago

Part of the LSHT system - Starts at trailhead 1. Quiet single file trail. Lots of trees, roots, and brush. A few dry creeks to cross.

This trail was a decent trail with not a whole lot to look at. A good place to go camping but this isn't what you are looking for if you love to hike or backpack.

I've been twice now and both times were pretty muddy, so maybe leave the Jimmy Choo's at home. The trail is well marked and follows the maps pretty well. If you're bringing dogs, definitely check them for ticks, they seem a little more active on this trail than others I've been on.

Nice trail to hike, well maintained trail. Part is the lone star trail, trails are all well indicated.
We did the whole loop and it came in at 6.4 miles, will definitely do some more hiking in this part of the sam houston national forest.

Got to the trail head and met the LSHT club. They invited me to join them. It was an awesome hike and met some really nice new friends. The trail is well marked. There were quite a few roots exposed from the heavy spring rains and trail had lots of brush. Rains prevented regular grooming. It was fine for me though. I liked the fact that this trail is only open to foot traffic. Hike early and bring plenty water in August.