A great, relaxing trail.

Gorgeous place to visit. One thing to remember to make a reservation and keep in mind that swimming is not always allowed due to bacteria. We enjoyed just being there, it was terrific!

If you get there easy the wait isn't too bad and the view is amazing. The park is regulated to have a relatively small amount of people. Great for photography.

Very Good

Very Good!

This is the Hamilton GREENBELT Trail, not POOL. Great Trail, very clean.

Overall, a nice peaceful hike and a few good views. The trails are not marked very well. Actually the best parks of the hike are the Hurst Hollow and the spur of the Hamilton Greenbelt that goes south to the Palos Verdes parking area. But, I don't believe these are part of the actual Hamilton Greenbelt trail. I'm getting really tired of seeing bags of dog doo lying on rocks, etc.

Nice walking trail

2 years ago

The hike is actually very pretty and feels like u are back in the days of dinosaurs. The grato falls and cave area are magical and makes u wonder how this was used many centuries ago. The only down fall is bacteria in water closes the swimming. Every one needs to experience this place