Oasis on the High Plains Within the dry and windswept high plains of the Texas Panhandle lies a hidden oasis, a welcoming haven where wildlife and humans find respite from the dry grasslands above. Through this plain, the Canadian River has cut dramatic 200-foot canyons, or breaks, where humans have eked out a living for over 13,000 years. Lake Meredith now occupies these hidden coves where early humans once roamed.

15 days ago

Good trail, only a couple of steep climbs. Good early morning hike. Take water none available near trail.

This is an awesome relaxing trail that gives you a taste of something different if your used to Palo Duro Canyon. Its definitely one of my favorite trails in the area. It was recommended to me by family who have hunted turkey out there for 20+ years and say its always been one of there favorite spots.

2 months ago