The park offers picnic sites, camping, hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and evening bat flight viewing during the season. Primitive tours of Kickapoo Cavern are scheduled every Saturday and require reservations. This guided wild cave tour requires fair hiking ability, bringing two light sources per person, sturdy hiking or walking shoes, and signing a liability release for all participants. Some age restrictions may apply. Unauthorized entry into the caves at the park is prohibited. Potential visitors can contact the park or check the Events listing for additional dates and events. Specialized group tours and events may be arranged by contacting the park. Interesting features of the park include 20 known caves, two of which are large enough to be significant. Kickapoo Cavern is approximately .25 mile in length (1400 feet). It boasts some impressive formations and tours are offered on Saturdays, by reservation. Stuart Bat Cave (formally Green Cave), slightly shorter than Kickapoo at 1068 feet, serves as a migratory stopover for large numbers of Mexican free-tailed bats from mid-March to about the end of October. Bat flights are often spectacular, and public observations are available with entrance permit. To protect this valuable resource and for your safety, please read and follow all rules and regulations and use caution as conditions change on a daily basis. Unauthorized entrance into caves is prohibited. Birding opportunities abound in this area. Park facilities include 14 miles of mountain biking trails, and 18 miles of undesignated hiking and birding trails.