Trail closed due to rain/storms a few days ago. Didn't know until I checked their Facebook page:

Nice, easy walk with well maintained trails. It looks like separate walking & biking trails ar first, but quickly comes together, which is not an issue. Wish I had a map!

Great place! One of my favorites now. Hiking through the trees. Went and let dogs play in stream. Not many out with us in the morning. Shade helped keep the heat comfortable.

Checked it out this morning, we entered through Katie Jackson Park the weather was in the high 80s but since it was pretty shaded it wasn’t bad! Brought my Boston with me and he did great! We’ll definitely go back again!

Great trails! Better to start at Katie Jackson park than the dog park. Trail entrance from the dog park does not have any signs.

Parking is pretty good, some signs on the dirt paths, fun trails to explore.

Great DORBA trail. Very well maintained and marked. Beautiful creek view for most of the blue trail.

9 months ago