trail running
1 month ago

awesome trails and a nice get away

The park trails need some TLC. It’s overgrown which allows the mosquitoes to be horrendous. Definitely bring bug spray. You’ll regret it otherwise.
There are exposed tree roots, so running the trail probably isn’t the best idea.
The water is stagnant, don’t let your dogs drink it.

The trail is not difficult at all. Sure there are some slight inclines, but nothing to warrant any rating over moderate.

It was a nice change of pace from other trails I’ve visited in this part of Texas.

This trail was a nice surprise just outside of town. Mostly wooded and shade path. More hills than most Houston area hiking trails. The All Trails map was very useful in getting out. There are a lot of twists and turns and it’s easy to lose your sense of direction. Our Rotty loved the hike with us!

Decent trail for hiking, not at all a difficult trail might even rate this easy. Lots of roots to watch out for. I went during the middle of the day on a Sunday no traffic on the trail at all. Bugs were minimal during that time as well. No trail maps avail the day I went. I had to rely on my recording to see where to go. Several water and other beverage bottles along the trail. Short steep hills but nothing to get worked up about.

2 months ago

I enjoyed the trail. Do bring mosquito spray and don't plan on stopping.

It is worth an outing if you are local but it's very plain there is nothing magnificent about this particular hike. it's a nice easy hike but I wouldn't travel far to go.

mountain biking
4 months ago

a lot of exposed root on the hills. makes it difficult to enjoy at high speeds. besides that they are great trails. perfect for trail running. bring off....lots of it.

Too short to be considered a diff hike.

First time here, couldn't tell much as the trails were all closed.

5 months ago

Great trails! My son and I spent 3 or 4 hours out here exploring.....and playing minecraft survival. (Hey if it gets him outdoors, I'll pretend to play ANYTHING!!) Prepare to clear the way for mountain bikers though. They're not rude, just prepare to encounter them. Hiking, biking, disc golf, picnics, basketball, creeks, ponds, nature trails, r/c airfield, and I believe there is a shooting range of some sort.