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Good walking trail.

6 days ago

Beautiful fall color in November. Trails and inclines are slick from the late rains.

Nice easy hike, good for getting back on the trail after a hiatus

Golden Warbler Trail leads down by the water with some beautiful views and can jump in and swim. No restrooms, water fountains and some long stretches with no shade. The water views make this one worth it.

1 month ago

This is a short and pretty trail. Most of it is gravel or dirt with a little bit of paving. There are picnic areas with grills and tables at the beginning of the trail. The water is beautiful and clear with a smooth, rocky bottom. Lots of people splashing around and grilling. It does cost $7 per person to enter the park. They take credit cards, thank goodness, because I wasn’t prepared.

Few clear paths down to the water. Nice quiet hike. Not much shade on Bauer Trail.

The Guadalupe River State Park offers a variety of scenery, but it's main focus is definitely the river area. With that being said, there are plenty of trails in the park (on both sides of the river). The Painted Bunting Trail is an easy trail, but it offers a nice, relaxing jaunt through the Texas Hill Country. For the mosty part, the Painted Bunting is a mix of dirt single-track and double-wide rocky path that passes through oak stands and grassy meadows. There is very little elevation change, so it could make a great loop for trail running or hikers not looking for much of a workout. Overall, the scenery is typical Hill Country: dry grassy areas, patches of dead live oaks, and bunches of oak groves.

2 months ago

Nice short hike the follows the river and passes by a beautiful bluff. Marked gravel trails have some nice views, but if you venture down a little further, you get some exceptional views of the water. A few picnic benches and sitting benches along the trail. A large portion of the trail is shaded, small changes in elevation, watch for many cypress roots near the end of the trail and poison ivy in areas less trafficked. Take a dip in the water to cool off afterwards!

Nice easy trail with some terrain. I hiked down Hofheinz and swung a right towards where Bauer ends. We stopped on the rock beach and swam with the dog for about an hour. I caught three fish and we packed up and hike back up Bauer to the parking lot. It was hot at about 97F, but there was plenty of shade and it actually felt nice when the breeze came. We saw some cool wildlife, including yellow orchids, a brown leaf-shaped tree frog, a 4ft snake (I believe it was a non-poisonous rat snake), a multiple white-tail deer. All-in-all, I would do this hike again.

no shade
4 months ago

It was great but be warned there are a lot of renovations going on right now. All the restrooms were shut down but plenty of ports potties. But also made it kind of difficult to find where this trail starts so we went around through the camping area

Was easy, only about 200 feet of elevation change, minimal shade, and rocky for a good portion.

over grown
4 months ago

I loved hiking to the river but did not get to hike the Hofheinz trail because it was overgrown with grass. I was worried about rattlesnakes.

This trail is on the north side of Guadalupe River State Park. You need to go all the way out of the park and then back through some small roads to the other side of the river to get to it. It's a nice set of trails up there. The end of the Bauer Trail is awesome, you get right down to the Guadalupe River and the views are great. It's quite lovely. Watch out for snakes, red ant hills and other wildlife.

5 months ago

Bike most of the trail but a few spots were just too rocky to ride over. The flatter spots were moderate riding condition, but nothing smooth accept the street in the beginning and end.

The trail was nice and fairly flat. I would suggest hiking it counterclockwise to get the most shade at the end of the hike.

Nice trail, one half is nice and shady but the other is pretty open. I’d recommend doing the south side first and then work the north portion later to maximize shade as heat increases. Pretty trail and easy minus some spots with big roots and rocks that can be ankle rollers.

Great easy trail. Dogs loved it go early in the morning to find good parking. Bring a swim suit so that after your hike you can cool off in the river. Bring plenty of water for you and Fido. Go early or stay late and go to the bird blind for views of birds that pass through. Bring a field book to identify all the wild flowers. Will be back for sure.

Easy trail to follow. Beautiful views. At the end of the trail is great sight to see of the Guadalupe. You can hear the river flowing once you hit a certain point of the trail. Very relaxing. Also, very open, so be sure to wear sunscreen, as only parts of the trails are shaded.

We hiked it past leaf color peak. Some of the trail isn't well marked and we couldn't see the river at the lookout points because it was a bit overgrown. It was a nice easy walk though.

Good trail for beginners. Beautiful Guadalupe River at the end of the trail. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring lots of water as the main trail is in full sun.

on Bald Cypress Trail

6 months ago

Well maintained, easy to hike trail. Unsure how to connect to other trails in the park. While this trail is marked for hikers and bikers, it’s mainly hikers and crowded so I don’t think cyclists will enjoy riding here as much on busy park days/weekends.

Mixed road and trail ride. Some trail spots were pretty touch to climb with big rocks all around, great for hiking though.

An overcast but lovely day to hike. This is a favorite trail. This time of year it’s full of wild flowers and if you are quiet, you often see axis and white tail deer. The birds will start singing and showing themselves if you stay still for a few minutes too. Lots of views of the hills. I connected to the Oak Savannah Loop and was treated to a hillsides of hot pink blooming hedgehog cacti. It was stunning. There is more to the park than the River.

I managed to turn this into a 7.x mile hike and I could have done more. Only thing I did not like was the amount of forest burned and tge amount of sun exposure.

Very pretty, very TX. Saw a hog and a deer with white spots.

Not a whole lot to see along Bamberger other than lots of juniper, but because it’s on the lesser used Bauer unit of the park, it’s very quiet and secluded. Heard lots of golden cheeked warblers and got a nice overview of the river along GCW trail.

off trail
9 months ago

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