Photos of Guadalupe Mountains National Park Hiking Trails

Even with govt shutdown, all was well! Just had to park a little further away, and add around one mile round trip to hike via a path, and closed road to trail head.

Trail was beautiful most of the way up with incredible views all around. First 1.5 miles were the toughest, but were not horrible. They were calling for 85mph wind gusts, but I never felt unsafe! Almost reconsidered this hike based on other reviews, but it’s very fair, and moderately challenging. I never ever felt unsafe, or like my life was in danger in any way. I would take much less experienced hikers on this trail and not be concerned at all. I could see where one small part had remnants of snow/ice but was easily passable. Top was freezing and windy, wish I had gloves, exposed skin got super cold. Still stayed to have a bite and take in the breath taking views. Be smart, know your limits, and go enjoy the beauty out there!

Parts of the trail had some loose rock, and had some rocky technical sections, but overall, a great trail. The wind gusts on the way down were worse than at the top, a few were kind of scary, but mostly just cold! Only saying that so you may know what to expect, and not go based on other reviews!