Per the website parts of the trail is currently open. "The FM 380 section of the Greenbelt Corridor is closed. The hard surface trail of the Greenbelt Corridor between Hwy 428 and Hwy 455 is open, but the equestrian trail remains closed. Work continues to repair severe erosion issues and washed out bridges.
The section of the equestrian trail from 455 (Elm Forks) South to 380 is closed.
Please contact the park for more information".

I love this trail! Have hiked here in all seasons. Usually muddy, but always lots of wildlife! Very little traffic. Peaceful and beautiful.

It's a nice area for being smack dab in the middle of the city. All concrete with lanes so great for biking. I saw a lot of families on my ride, so that was nice! I prefer to go on trails for running and the scenery was average. There was one part when I cross McCoy where the trail just ended..... kind of strange. I'd go back for a run but probably won't ride my bike there again.

My family hiked the big loop last weekend and really enjoyed it. there is a lot of diversity in wildlife and plants. The wetland trail was practically impassable. At times we were not even sure we were on a trail at all and the reeds were thick and about 8 feet tall. My husband had to carry our 8 year old through the thickest portions and said if we go back he will bring a machete. It was quite the adventure! !
Other trails were much easier and enjoyable for us all...and we didn't see even one other person.

Overall I wouldn't say it's a bad trail but the wetlands portion of the trail is so overgrown it's almost impossible to get through or even identify that it is indeed a trail.

I drive down 380 everyday, watching for trl to open...maybe in another year if it doesn't rain.

Kat: keep an eye on the park website at
I've never called the 800 number, so I can't speak to that, but the website has had a notice up at the top of the page for ages ... I've been checking for the trail to reopen for at least a year and a half :^o it feels like longer

Love these trails for early morning runs. Sometimes closed due to high water! Pretty views of the lake.

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9 months ago

I tried to get to this trail today 6/19/16 from the south end and it was closed. So, I went to Lake Ray Roberts and told the Park Ranger that I had tried to access the southern portion, to which she replied "That part has been under water for a year and a half."
First of all, I called the 800 number to get trail conditions. I checked the website. NOWHERE did it say that the southern trail head was closed. If it has really been a year and a half, don't you think you might want to update a few things?
I wouldn't go there for at least another year. It's WAY under water.