this trail is over run with bikers most of which don't notify you when they are being you making the walking stressful.
The trail itself is great and fairly easy bit not with the throngs of bikers

Don t pay the 5 dollars entrance fee and enter from street side

Nice walking and biking trail. Some great places for the dogs to cool off in the water too!

This trail was nice! Dog friendly and right by the lake. Had some cliffs. Not difficult. Pretty scenery. I'll def be back.

Really liked this trail. Very beautiful views in some areas. Great for my dogs as there is lots of access to water throughout as well as some good shade cover. Ran into a few bikers who were polite. It's a bit of a drive from East Dallas but I will definitely be coming back.

Great moderate training trail!

Great hike. like how trails runs through woods and along the water. interesting rocks. watch out for bikes.

This used to be a regular access point for Northshore on your MTB. Not anymore. Cost me $5 for a pain in the butt on my bike, when I could have accessed it for free elsewhere. And the park director was very impolite when we got stuck in the mess getting back to the vehicle and got back to the exit 5 minutes late. He probably would have locked us in the park, certainly seemed like that's what he was about to do.

Don't get me wrong, it looks great for hiking and walks on the beach, but the bike trail is no longer being maintained.

Access Northshore on your bike from Murrell park, not Rockledge!

Great trails. Some wooded and some along the shoreline so it makes a fun hike. There were a lot of bikes but everyone was friendly.

Love bringing my dog out to this trail. Very quiet, though many mountain bikers.

Awesome moderate trail. Mountain bikers every few minute. Most announce themselves. Bathroom doesn't have a working sink or water fountain. Views on the upper include the insides of some really fancy homes. Gate staff exceptionally welcoming and polite.

Beautiful view, which is a lot of what I was looking for. Not the right kind of trail for running, more for biking. Also, as a side note you have to pay $5 to park.

It was a great park, just make sure you put on bug say cause there is a problem with ticks. But besides that theres great views and a lot of different trails.

Park is open but there is a bridge down about a mile in. You can still go up and around to the rest of the trail.

Trail isn't very well marked and I bushwhacked/walked around in circles a couple of times. But it is very pretty. Dog liked it too. Ended up finding a spot by the lake and setting up my hammock for half an hour before I had to head back.

Definitely be sure you are comfortable hiking up steep and narrow portions of the trail. Slid a couple times going down.

This park is closed due to recent weather. Will probably be closed awhile.

This is always a fun trail

I almost don't want to tell you how awesome this place is at the risk of losing my perfect spot.

It is the best entrance to enter NORTHSHORE TRAIL, although they will charge you $5 a vehicle from this entrance, unlike the other entrances, it is totally worth it.

I really dug this place. I just started getting into hiking, but this is the kind of place I wanted to go to in my mind when I started doing this as a hobby. No paved trails, you can go off-trail a bit if you want, plenty of nature to see, and down by the water you can climb on all the rocks. I wish I wouldn't have went the day after it rained, but that's my fault. I didn't even go on nearly all the trails they have here, just the first leg. I plan on coming back earlier in the day when it's dry and really explore more. From the other reviews I see ppl complaining about all the trash, and yes there is some, especially down by the water, but it wasn't as bad as some were making out. Don't let your kids go barefoot though. Broken glass in several places by the water.

The views are spectacular. There are rocky areas to climb. It feels like being at a rocky beach. My kids lived it. They went swimming in the lake. The only negative was litter and glass. Do not plan on being barefoot ever. Bring water shoes if you want to get in the lake. I highly recommend you bring food and spend one afternoon picnicking and hiking Rockledge. We will be back.

I was impressed. Good trail to spend an afternoon!

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