A few seconds of walking and came across a snake, lighting bugs, a big spider, and a frog. Very fun trail will be coming back.

mountain biking
5 months ago

I walk the trail at least two to three times a week the whole 7.8 miles.. it's a pretty safe Trail. the people on the trailer very friendly.

When it is dry, the mountain bike alternative trails are great!

Was looking for a wildflower hike and meant to hike Bardwell Multi-Use Trail near Ennis--but it was closed due to mud and high waters. Took backroads and FM877 to Lions Park entrance of this trail instead--lovely! The farms and wildflowers along 877 were beautiful. And while the trail itself did not present a wildflower hike, it was a scenic, historic and peaceful hike. It was also dry and paved! What a quaint trail. Loved the birdhouses along the way. The rabbit that skittered across our path (and the little garden snake). The farm fields. The dog park with agility course. The parks and historic bridges. How the trail winds through woods....and even along the side of a cemetery. The trail was quiet during the week. We started late so did not get a chance to enjoy a meal in town at the end--next time.

Enjoyed a great meal in downtown Waxahachie and able to walk to the trail. Very scenic!

Flat, wide concrete trail with plenty of shade. Even though I went on a beautiful sunny day, the trail wasn't crowded.

The trail starts at Getzendaner Memorial Park and follows Waxahachie Creek southeast to Lions Park. Sponsored monuments mark the trail every 1/4 mile. They are numbered up to 3 3/4 miles as you head towards Lions Park and keep going up on your return trip. The "FINISH" marker back at Getzendaner is 7 1/2 miles.

I actually started in the middle from a parking lot near the historic Rogers Street bridge. That's just south of downtown where Rogers St. & College St. meet. Just southeast of that on this trail is the Wags-a-Hachie dog park. Restrooms and a butterfly garden can be found just a bit further down the trail.

Great concrete walk trail. Also has a bike trail. Had a enjoyable Sunday morning walk.

mom and I go here every weekend we love it!

This a good concrete trail. Lots of shade and the occasional place to stop and rest. Good trail for history buffs, the trail goes past a historic cemetary and bridge. It starts at a nice family park with lots of big beautiful trees.

Great bike trail, all concrete, mostly shade. This location is also great for walking/running. I am not sure that I would consider it a hiking trail since there is little to no elevation but it is a great place to go to get some exercise. We parked at Lion's Park and went out 3.5 miles and back 3.5 miles for a total of 7 on bikes. It was overall a great time and we passed quite a few people on Sunday enjoying the trail as well!