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Good 7.7 mile hike with detour to 2nd highest elevation in park with plenty of ascent, descent, vertical and stairs

Great trail to catch before the sun comes up. There are lots of spots to watch the sun rise.

great day to walk but level 4 trails were closed due to last night rain however the trails were hardly wet this time of day

Beautiful day hike this trail. Nearly all the hike is in shade. It took about 2 1/2 hours to do the full perimeter loop. It's a little rocky... I think moderate is the correct rating.

This is about as good as one can get in and around the general San Antonio area. Four stars just because you can still hear traffic, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers from time to time, and it’s often (not always) busy with runners, hikers, bird watchers, and the like. Best times are during the week and early, starting at about 9-10am. Classic texas hill country terrain/scenery. If you’re lucky enough to go within a few days of heavy rains, the park will reward you with flowing water, karst features, and more wildlife. By staying on the “outer loop” of the park you can get in an excellent hike with decent elevation changes and short but challenging climbs and descents. This is an ideal trail to get back in shape before heading to the Big Bend area for your 12-15 mile hikes and overnighters.

A little mist made the rocks very slick in some spots.

main to water to main tp restoration to mill to encino to restoration to vista to upland to main and out.

Beautiful trail in the country woods. Definitely not a trail if you are looking for the picturesque view point; however there are lovely sights along the way. Proper footwear is highly recommended due to heavy rocky areas, loose stones and large tree roots on the path. At the park, the Fern Loop is labeled as very difficult however I would rate it as moderate. There are inclines or declines depending on which way you enter the trail. Stairs made out of rocks and tree roots, narrow paths and uneven footings in some areas. Not recommended for the inexperienced or children. The park also denotes that it is handicapped accessible with a wheelchair- I have no idea how that is possible. Plenty of shaded areas. Trails are very well marked with maps and signs through out. Definitely recommended for a quiet and serene brisk walk through the woods!

I hiked this trail on October 4th at 8:30 am. The weather was nice. A good percentage of the trail is shaded and the trail is well maintained. It was a fairly easy hike with only one short uphill portion that got the heart pumping. The view was unimpressive at the highest point of the hike. This is a good family trail and running trail. If you are a serious hiker I don’t think this trail system will satisfy you. On the day I hiked it was very busy with people. This trail system also lies below the air path for aircraft going to and from San Antonio airport so it can be noisy.

main to windmill water nack to main to vista to mill to encino to restoration to vista to main and out.

1 month ago

Beautiful different level trails

hike the perimeter.

main loop to bosque to vista view to main loop to juniper barrens and out.

main loop to Bosque to vista view to restoration to encino to mill pass to restoration to ma8n loop and out.

Great trail, lots of traffic on a Sunday morning. For the most part people yield to the faster moving person and are polite. Not a lot of parking at the park but people park on both sides of the street leading to the park. Lots of rocks and hills, was a lot of fun.

Beautiful trail! The rocks are a bit slippery, definitely a more advanced trail but it was pretty shaded and had some beautiful calming spots!! Loved it!

I did full outer loop (main loop + restoration) counterclockwise this last Saturday. It was my first trip out to this park. The scenery is typical hill country - mixed areas of cedar and live oak forest and small grassy field with lots of rock throughout. The main difference in this trail and some of those farther out is that you are very close to neighborhoods. There are some portions of the trail where you walk up quite close to several back yards. It's not necessarily a bad experience, but it does remind you that you aren't far from the city. The first and last eight of a mile on the trail is extremely easy and is designated for families and should mostly be wheelchair accessible (paved). For about the next half mile, you encounter the hardest section of the trail with some large rocky sections that are relatively steep. It's shouldn't be too hard for most people, but I was packing 40 pounds for exercise in 95+ temperatures in early September. The next mile or two is pretty easy with lots of small elevation changes, but there's a lot of shaded sections. The next two miles or so along the souther stretch of the restoration area open up a bit more and start going back uphill before ending back in almost full shade. The last half mile or so (before getting back to the paved area) is a wide gravel trail and is mostly downhill and is all shaded. Bring plenty of water if you are heading out here in the warmer months.

This was a nice hike! Lots of change of terrain and some difficult climbs for small sections but super fun

My sister and I love this trail! It's a different challenge each time.

Did this with my baby strapped to me in a carrier. Proceed with caution if you do so too! It was moist this morning so some parts of the trail were a little slippery. Some parts introduce a little bit of climbing and steep rocky steps. Good to do with a partner. Wear appropriate shoes!!! Loved it!

Restoration trail gets you away from people and street noise. only saw 4 people while on the trail. Main loop saw about 4 people in half the distance. All are rocky trails.

Took the babes who is 6 months and 2 boys ages 7 and 8. Had a ton of fun and the kids did it easy and carrying the babes was easy as well. Bring lots of water though, some spots are limited shade. We packed a lunch and carried an umbrella. It was a lot of fun!

hard to believe such a great hiking trail is IN the city limits. beautiful

Other reviewers have said this is one of the best in the area. Since it is my first hike in the area I have no local comparisons but found the trail to be quite nice. It was quite a hot day and the trail provided relatively good shading with some stretches of direct sun exposure. Most of the trail past the initial .25 miles in has jagged limestone and in areas can have elevation changes making it challenging depending on the path you choose.

4 months ago

Short hike. Some level 4 and narrow areas.

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