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Very nice scenic hike. It poured during our hike , The rains made the whole area picturesque and none of us were tired doing the whole 5.5 miles

Beautiful trail with a few spots overlooking the area. Nice scenic route. Some parts have an incline and a decline but not difficult for an active hiker even on the difficult trail.

Nice shaded trail with a good amount of elevation changes. Several spots where the views are nice. I recommend bringing water since there is none except at the trailhead. Even if the parking is full once you get of the main loop you will be alone for most of the hike.

Love this trail -go early this time of year to beat the heat & the crowds. We arrived at 6:15 am today and gates were open even though it was still pretty dark. I appreciate that they open the park early this time of year.

was able to get this and a little more completed today before it got to hot. Always enjoy the trails here with the extra climbing to get some exercise in a short hike. Very necessary here in San Antonio during our long summers.

Great trails with plenty of tree cover and steep hills. We've hiked as little as 2 miles and up to 8 miles. Rocky terrain so wear good hiking shoes/boots.

Took Main loop. It’s a quick 45 mins walk. Lots of trail options available. Have to come back and explore.

Good hike. We got there pretty late and didn’t bring a flashlight with us so it was difficult to find a way back because it was super dark. However the trail is marked pretty well and it is a good trail.

Very nice trails for running. Mixture of paved and unpaved, with good inclines and technical footing. No dogs kinda sucks and if there is any rain at all, they shut down everything except the main trails.

Some parts are challenging to say the least
Great views. Superb area to explore. Multiple choices

Did the Main Loop Trail on 3/3/18. Misty, drizzly weather and a little chilly. Rocks on top of the hill were very slippery due to the drizzle. This is a very good trail to test the legs and hips. It begins with a serious climb then a "flat" section on the top then an interesting descent. We started by going left from the entry trail. This gives you the toughest part at the start. Met some friendly folks along the way. Very clean trail.

We added a little bit more to our loop hike taking in a few more trails to make a total of 6.1 miles. We combined 10 trails: Entry, Forest Range, Water, Juniper Barrens, Main Loop, Vista, Restoration Way, Bosque, Fern Del, and Juniper Ridge. Lots of changes of scenery, open areas and shaded, ups and downs, and trail skill levels made this a very enjoyable hike. Very good facilities at the trailhead, but none elsewhere. While parking fills up quickly, we found ourselves alone most of the time. Probably because of all the different combination of trails one can make and because we included the farthest out trails.

Great trail for Texas! Some trails rated as difficulty really weren’t. There was one section of the Restoration Trail where you could hear and see building of huge homes and that took away from the tranquility a bit but it was just for a short section. Highly recommend and I’ll be back :) Very well marked trails too.

Lovely Park but NO DOGS are allowed on this trail. It is clearly marked at Park entrance and trailhead.

Convenient location, shaded for most of it and easy. Like that it's a little escape from town

Beautiful hike! So glad we got out there.... highly recommend.

nice trail. good way to spend an hour or two.

trail running
Saturday, September 09, 2017

One of the better trails in San Antonio

Saturday, September 09, 2017

great trail!

Monday, September 04, 2017

I'm new to San Antonio so I was looking for a good local hike that is more challenging than walking a paved path. This one was great! I really appreciated the amount of shade this hike offers, but I'd still get here early if it's hot. We showed up at 7:30 am and got one of the last parking spots in the lot. When we left, there were cars lining the street. There are bathrooms at the beginning of the hike, but none along the way so plan for that. Same goes for water. Views were nice. Some rocky areas and some small climbs up stair paths and natural rock paths. We did the almost 6 mile hike in three hours. The person I was with wasn't an avid hiker nor was she in tip-top shape so you may do it faster or slower depending on your fitness level. Saw lots of people trail running. Remember your trail etiquette as there were lots of people out there enjoying this great space!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Love it! Wish they had more views because the place is beautiful!

Main loop was decent but all the side trails were closed so only was able to do the main loop

I really like this park. It's not too crowded. And every blue moon you'll pass someone up, giving you a sense of security when hiking alone. This park offers trails for all skill levels. It's beautiful and not too close to the highway to obstruct the blissful sounds of nature.

Pleasant surprise of a short hike. Main Loop is about 2 miles. Going right to left or vice versa it's uphill half and down the back half. Plenty of optional trails along the way if you plan to extend. Trails are well marked and maintained. Cement from the parking lot to about .15 miles and then changes to bed rock and dirt the rest of the trails. Still easily navigable after a decent rain but chances are they close the smaller trails. Decent elevation works up a sweat. I would consider moderate difficulty. Only grind I may have is no pets allowed but it's a nature park so understandable.

Great terrain for San Antonio. Not much wildlife or water, but very wooded and nice vistas

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