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Very nice trail, not too long not to steep, with wonderful views of the Franklin Mountains. You walk near a beautiful small canyon contemplating a nice landscape.

Difficult hike but the view is breathtaking and worth it

hate the entrance but all in all not too bad after you get through the boulders lol

best trail ever!

Really fun, want to do this one the other way around. perfect morning with a little overcast then finished up on lower Sunset trail.

Extremely rocky. Go slow.

15 days ago

Was a hard hike but at the end it was beautiful to see the surroundings around us.

I thought it was a fairly easy trail for hiking. My friend’s young son (about 10 yrs old) joined us and he had no issues doing it. For mountain biking though I do feel it would be a much harder trail. Saw some pretty cool fossils.

30 days ago

Nice hike. I did it as part of a hike to the top. I think the bridge that is mentioned in the description got washed out...you can see the wood and steel down on the mountain but the trail is nice. Great views for a short hike. The first 10-15mins are over loose gravel, after that, it’s mainly smooth dirt.

30 days ago

Awesome hike but very challenging! The first 15mins of the hike is mainly on big, loose gravel. Followed by a nice shallower path. To get to the division of Tin Mines and North Franklin took me 45mins with a good tempo. From there the trail got very narrow and rocky...took me an hour to get to the top. The view is awesome! I like that this trail brings you on both sides of the mountains before leading to the top. Worth the hike but very difficult.

1 month ago

Great short trail with a good amount of ascending. The first section is so so, as it’s all loose rocks ranging from golf ball to base ball size. After the loose section you have dirt and is very enjoyable. Top views are amazing. You get both east and west perspectives. I banged out the ascend solo in 34 min with a light pack. Will do again. #WarchuckApproved.

1 month ago

The best way to approach this trail is from Mckellington Canyon to Smuggler’s Pass. Park two cars, one at smuggler’s and start at Mckellington. From the Mckellington Canyon side, you’ll see that the trails is marked with blue dots on rocks and you’ll go up all the chain sections which is safer. Once you’re pass the Window, just take the trail towards the South Franklin Mountain (the peak with all the satellite towers). You’ll skirt around the peak of South Franklin Mountain and cross the saddle. If you want to summit South Franklin peak, this is a good point because it is only 0.2 miles to the summit. Looks for blue dots going down towards trans mountain road.

The confusion with many of the reviews is from those approaching the Ron Coleman from smuggler’s Pass. There are many trails headed toward Elephant’s Trunk and Elephant’s Rock. Don’t take those. If you are approach from smuggler’s Pass, take the trail that goes up a wash between South Franklin and elephant trunk. But I suggest approaching this trail from the route I mentioned above.

Happy Trails

I like to walk this trail after work in the morning El Paso was lucky to have such a pretty trail. Right now the desert Willows are in bloom and are very showy. Like anything in the desert go early or you will be hot!

Needs designated parking signs...but all in all an awesome hike!!

This trail was very well marked and easy to follow. Lots of stairlike formations which makes it a little easier just tough on the knees.

This was definitely a rough hike. Most of the time we were not on a trail. We were able to see the flags and we just kept climbing upward. After the B-36 site we headed on up but it was very tough with the rocks sliding. Once at the top we were able to come down the other side from ranger peak and 1000 step trail. Way easier cause there was at least a trail to follow.

the hike is quite boring, but the mine at the end is worth the trip

I did this trail on a cloudy day with some fresh wind, very nice weather to hike! The rim starts at the end of the Mundy’s Gap Trail and although it is rocky and steep, it is not difficult to walk. At the top of the mountains I put my backpack on the floor and walked around the area contemplating the beautiful landscape in all directions. Going down is the most difficult part; you have to take care of the loose rocks. I also rested a bit at the nice West Cottonwood spring area, a place with a very comforting shadow. Very nice trail, I enjoyed a lot.

A hard hike is an understatement. We started from Trans Mountain and went up to the “Elephant” and then skirted the the top rim to come down. There is no definitive trail to go up or down so we just sort of made our own. Very loose rock and dirt and I was so glad when we got to the top. Beautiful views once at the top bit today was extremely windy. Didn’t make it to the chain section as we were not sure which direction to go so maybe for another day.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Gnarly and fun

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail, can be difficult at times to find the path.

Took my dogs out on an easy walk. No shade and not real busy but worth a walk. My dogs had a great time with this walk.


Steep and rocky hike but worth the views. I wouldn’t recommend in the summer since there’s no shade. Definitely worth it, the highest point in El Paso. Lots of cholla cacti near the peak.

2 months ago

Not for people with knee problems.

Took my dogs on the trail. They loved it. No shade so they did get quite a bit thirsty. 10/10 would walk my dogs again.

The trail is challenging but coming down on the Wyler tramway was amazing!!! Great last Sunday hike

2 months ago

Man this was a hard trek!! We fell off the trail multiple times and just ended up creating our own path for most of the way up, thanks for the amazing rock formations that kept us on the trail at the start! Amazing views the entire way but was definitely challenging! Everything pokes ya and there’s nothing to hold on to when climbing the rocks that won’t hurt haha! We loved it though and it felt amazing to finish it when I wanted to give up because of the heat!

It was a nice trail. Easy to follow a bit rocky but I wouldn’t rate this trail as difficult more moderate. Lizards galore it was a nice sight

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