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5 days ago

Nice hike. I did it as part of a hike to the top. I think the bridge that is mentioned in the description got washed out...you can see the wood and steel down on the mountain but the trail is nice. Great views for a short hike. The first 10-15mins are over loose gravel, after that, it’s mainly smooth dirt.

6 days ago

Great short trail with a good amount of ascending. The first section is so so, as it’s all loose rocks ranging from golf ball to base ball size. After the loose section you have dirt and is very enjoyable. Top views are amazing. You get both east and west perspectives. I banged out the ascend solo in 34 min with a light pack. Will do again. #WarchuckApproved.

the hike is quite boring, but the mine at the end is worth the trip

Took my dogs on the trail. They loved it. No shade so they did get quite a bit thirsty. 10/10 would walk my dogs again.

It was a nice trail. Easy to follow a bit rocky but I wouldn’t rate this trail as difficult more moderate. Lizards galore it was a nice sight

really fun trail to take the kids on.

3 months ago

Good trail to walk your pups and get some energy out

Very easy trail. Gradual incline throughout trail but nothing crazy. So neat to see the mines. Definitely a repeat trip.

Great hike. Not too hard, just longer than I’m used to. Look for the giant metal grate. That’s one of them, with the other one south of it. You could get by with your phone light, but I would recommend bringing a decent flashlight.

3 months ago

Easy hike and easy to get off trail. Ended up being close to 8 miles, due to wandering off the course.

3 months ago

Nice trail steady incline, easy to get off track. We took a different route back and missed the entrance initially. The giant grate looking thing is the entrance and if you walk down the wooden steps you will see the other entrance. Bring a good flashlight or you won't make it far.

Great walk. Bring a flash light and the mine is low. You might need to scramble in a few spots

Fav trail so far

on El Paso Tin Mines Trail

4 months ago

Take a flash light for the mine.
Easy hike, last 1/4 mile is steep-intermediate.

This trail was a great scenic climb! Not much hiking until you get closer to the mine. The mine was amazing, tons of little openings to go through . Picture worthy! Although its super dark and our phone’s flashlight wasn’t the best! But the trail was easy to find and so was the mine!

Just follow the trail, no instructions needed. It's long but worth it. Pics can't do justice!


Nice easy walk. The elevation climb is very gradual. Take a hat as there is zero shade on this trail in the morning and early afternoon

5 months ago

Easy and beatifull scenery of the mountains and the mines just amazing to go in and explore. Loved it !!!

Always enjoy doing this hike! Hike to first tin mine took about 2 hours, the hike back to the park from that point took 1 hour. The trails are pretty simple to follow, did it without this App and still was able to find the mine!

5 months ago

Hard trail but well worth the hike. Beautiful views form the top.

Not too hard of a trail. Good views and it is nice to see some trees.

hiked it under a cloudy day

great hike. kid and pup friendly and seeing deer not uncommon!

My daughter and I followed the trail exactly and even used the “record” function of the app to track our GPS progress. We found metal grates as described, but never found the actual mines. It was disappointing to say the least. The trail is decent but the only real reason we did it was to see the mines. All in all, make sure you bring lots of water as there is no shade cover here and very few places to sit and rest. We won’t be back but at least we scratched another hike off our list. The scenery is nice but flat land mostly. The few views are not anything better than any other Franklin Mountain trail (and maybe even inferior than most). The trail is easy and no technical skills really needed other than being able to walk on a road. It is a very long trail, bring snacks along with the water (more than you think you need).

I can see why one reviewer hiked 15 miles without finding the mines. The trails are easily washed away and in areas are overgrown by vegetation. There were times that GPS was the only real way to tell if we were following the path. Be careful if not using GPS. Luckily cell signal is strong in the area, but being a charging pack or two as even the best phone will be long dead by the time you get there.

Pretty easy hike not much hiking until you get to the actual mine.

Awesome trail! There’s an easy trail to the right that takes you straight to the Tin mines and there’s the medium trail to the left that takes you to the Tin mines as well. We took that one to the left and my 8 year old was able to hang with my 18 year old and I. If your taking little ones that are younger than 8 I recommend the easy trail where there’s no hills and just a straight shot to the mines.

I loved the scenery it had to offer totally worth going back again!!!

trail running
6 months ago

Nice out and back trail run.

Great for biking, hiking etc

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