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It's a great hike that is nearby but feels remote when hiking it. I love the elevation changes that happen across the hike.

11 days ago

The trail is well taken care of, and the park is well maintained; although I dont recommend doing this one in the afternoon in the summer... its 6.5 miles from start to finish and then back to your vehicle... bring lots of water if you do it over the summer. tons of prairie like chunks of trail (no tree cover).

15 days ago

Eric and Janine, not sure where y'all were but this trail is very well marked and maintained. The Natuture Center is only open from 7 am to 5 so maybe that was the issue. The southern most trailhead is at the same parking spot that is for Greer Island.

This is a great trail but beginners be aware. There are several ups and downs with rock or railroad ties. Great views at the top. Wish the old resting spot still had a roof. The dog loved this hike.

15 days ago

Awesome trail

No trail. Seriously. We hunted. There is a park called love circle but the trailhead leads to an empty lot with no way to walk farther.

1 month ago

Great trail. I like all the twists and turns as a change to the straight of some of the other trails.

1 month ago

Park is completely shut down & locked up & the southern most parking area doesn’t even have a road going to it anymore! It’s all overgrown so it obviously hasn’t been accessible for quite some time! Totally wasted my time & gas!!

Great for a nice walk. Easy path and saw some deer along the way.

2 months ago

Great trail. You get to the trailhead by starting at Prairie and working you way down and taking the east trail at the split. That will get to a TV where you will see a sitting bench and the trailhead for Oak Motte. Total for us was just over 3 miles from where we parked. Wide trails almost the while way. Not crowded and enough couples and families that one would feel safe alone. Our dog loved the trail, that's not saying much because she loves every trail. We took our time at a 2.7 mph and it took us about an hour with photo stops.

Part of the boardwalk is destroyed so the trail is very small

Parts of the trail where little more than just a mowed path. I think it's really just there to add miles to trail system.

3-16-18 Center and Refuge is open, only the West Riverbottom trail is closed. It is a nice place to hike, close to the city. It's Texas scenery so, nothing fabulous. Couldn't find any prairie dogs, but the bison are easily viewed.

Short and scenic. Not stroller friendly but suitable for small kids.

3 months ago

Very well maintained trails and easily marked.

Definitely the favorite trail I've found anywhere in the area so far. Terrain/topography are steady and mildly strenuous for walking, fairly intense for running. The landscape is beautiful. Very well maintained. We go often.

Pretty level and easy trail. Most of it goes along the water, and it’s great for pups!

Great local trails to train on if you’re looking for more rugged hiking

Great out and back trail. with lots of diverse terrain, with nice views, some elevation change but nothing too difficult. Trails are well maintained and marked. Only downside you can hear highway traffic , but the beauty of the trail helps take your mind off of the sound. We will be back to explore more.

This trail pops up under Canyon Lake, Texas which is 1 hour south of Austin and 45 mins north of San Antonio. Unfortunately it is rather far from Canyon Lake - Texas and near Fort Worth Texas- not sure how it pops up ..

5 months ago

Excellent day hike featuring several interesting Civilian Conservation Corps shelters. Sadly the shelters have fallen into disrepair.

The trail features beautiful vistas over the water and enough ups and downs to get your heart rate up.

As of 01/06/2018 the refuge is closed and no access allowed to this trailed

Great trail!

Great trail, though may be a little difficult for beginners.

nice trails, clean, scenic is good.

8 months ago

Nice little hike. Gets your heart rate up. I prefer loops, instead of there and back, but Will definitely do this one again though.

8 months ago

Nice trail with cool CCC stone work. Some good climbs up railroad-ties stairs.

8 months ago

I really enjoyed the trail. I got out there early before the temps climbed. As was said before, the trail has some steep inclines and declines and it is really narrow in lots of places. The wildlife wasn't out in full force. In one place at least, the trail wasn't marked clearly and I ended up on a side meander in a grassy field that took me too close to the highway. I didn't really want to see traffic. I wanted to pretend I was deep into nature. But I probably should have paid more attention. Loved the scenic views and the old structures left over from CCC days. This is a great trail for just getting away from it for a morning. Also a great trail for getting into hiking condition. Glad I went and look forward to visiting other trails at the Nature Center.

This is a great trail! Very clean and well maintained.

Good trail, challenging with the steep inclines. The trail is very narrow, and you are walking through tall grass often. Passed several people who had already found ticks on them.

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