Good for taking the kids on there bikes.

The trail itself is decently bland, just walking on an empty road. But I really enjoyed the feel of the place, especially during springtime when the floors are blooming. The trail gave off a "lonely adventure" or "nature overcoming city" type of vibe. Great for pictures. I would recommend going on this trail with a longboard or bike, its a bit too tedious on foot.

Great view of the lake. Nice for a walking, jogging, or biking. Family friendly. Only negatives would be windy days and no shade.

Chill easy trail that is free. And close to tge city

Great for a few miles and some decent terrain.

Okay however it's too short and not very challenging.

Pretty simple trail. Too short for my liking, but I ended up turning back and taking a trail off the main path (which is a no-no) and hiked straight up to enjoy a lake view. That short hike up was challenging a bit, which I liked since it was a short trail. A copperhead was killed there so be safe if you take the no-no route.

Very scenic! There are a lot of hills to climb up and down. Definitely a good cardio work out.

Short and sweet. Would give it 5 stars if it were longer. However, I can't really fault it because it is right next to (and shares a parking lot with) the Dogwood Canyon preserve. Dogwood Canyon is great as well!

3 years ago

Pretty view, but the wind can be brutal. Straight paved road. I took my dog for a walk here... pretty boring. We're more the hiking types. Probably won't be back.