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Awesome hike with my 1 1/2 year old boy Creek on my shoulders. We stopped several times to rest. My wife and other boys hiked with us. Once at the top, the hill country views are awesome!

Beautiful and unique. Have to do the loop around before the summit. Great hike. Come early because run out of parking on Sat.

A nice big rock that you can climb or hike to the top with little to no trail guidance.

A nice easy hike with some good views and lots of little trails off the main trail to do some exploring too. There was water along the trail but it didn’t taste good at all. Lots of people and trail that at times was not marked very well.

The best thing to see in Texas Hill Country. We easily hiked to the summit in half an hour and the view at the top is beautiful. And it's 1 billion years old!!! must see

We got there around 9am and there was a line to get in. We left by 10:30am and the parked was closed due to an influx of people. Get there early if you can! The park staff was rude and helpful. All was well once we got to the summit trail. Beautiful views and a great climb. We really enjoyed it! Dogs are NOT allowed on the summit trail but can be taken on the loop trail around the base.

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1 month ago

I enjoy running the loop trail. The trail itself is about 4.3 miles, but you'll have to walk another half mile or so through parking lots at the end of the trail. I park at the camp sites and start at the south entrance -- this makes for a tough first half mile but after that the remainder of the trail slopes gently downhill for the most part. The trail is a combination of large flat rocks and crushed granite. It is well maintained with very few loose rocks. Along Sandy Creek the trail gets overgrown with vegetation at times: too narrow with plants brushing up against my shins.

Nice easy loop trail addition to hiking the Summit trail. Nice views of the surrounding area. We started early when the park opened and hardly anyone was hiking at that time.

Love this trail. Lots of wildflowers and cactus blooms in the spring. Go on a weekday though, weekends are crowded.

Been going to Lost Maples since I was little. Great, easy hike but so crowded nowadays.

I took my daughter and niece (11 and 7yrs) up Turkey Peak and then took Base to Loop back to parking. I liked the Turkey Peak summit better than Enchanted Rock summit because it is very lightly trafficked and I prefer differed terrain. Enchanted summit is one thing only, walk up a big rock; no trees to grip on while you maneuver over rocks and boulders etc.. Turkey peak is more my style. Good shoes, water and a small snack is all you need to complete this but be ready to put your hands on the ground because it's no easy walk! This is a beautiful area.

Fun adventure even though we didn’t do the loop. Hiked to the top and enjoyed a picnic! Beautiful scenic views and so big up there. Thought it would be crowded but we were able to find our own great spot!

It does feel like you're on another planet. Not many markings for the trail, but I don't think they're needed as you can just keep walking uphill.

Not very well marked, but decent views for the effort

Easy hike, good views

Great views from the summit, very clean and clear trails are marked well, outer trail has out bathrooms but smell horrible. To get there on a weekend you may have to wait but make sure you get a ticket if you can’t get in the park right away. Putter trail is defiantly longer than 4 miles that is marked

3 months ago

Pretty steep start if your starting from the beginning. Views are so so awesome. Plenty of running water for our border collie after the rain. Detour to Moss Lake was nice, beware of all the pig tracks and signs of activity but a very nice relaxing trail!

Nice trail! Very steep at some places and features natural beauty!

Enchanted Rock Loop is the outer trail inside the park boundary. It is probably the least used trail, despite the number of reviews here, many of which are describing other trails. It does not include Echo Canyon or Turkey Pass trails. You can do the Enchanted Summit first, but it is a stand alone trail and by far, the most popular (and is listed as a stand alone by AllTrails). The east and west parts of this trail are interesting. Part of the southern section is walking through the park larger picnic area and parking lots. The northern part is a gravel service road along a ridge top and is so, so. My recommendation is once past Buzzard's Roost, look for the cutoff to Base Trail which goes along the north side of Freshman Mt. and Enchanted Rock. Take Echo Canyon Trail northwest past Moss Lake and it will hook you back up with Loop Trail and go left. Much more interesting route throughout.

Small parts of this trail could be the most difficult within the park for some to get through as your going over and around rocks, small boulders, and flat slabs. For most, this will be no problem as it is easy scrambling. We went during the first part of November and a section of this trail was colorful. We did this trail as part of a loop around Enchanted Rock also using Base Trail and Turkey Pass Trail.

Very unique formation. Be sure to walk around all sides of the upper area to take advantage of the different vistas and views of the park area.

gets your blood pumping but it's pretty short the top makes you think you are on another planet

4 months ago

We loved this trail! It wasn’t crowded with people like some trails are. Most of the activity took place near or on the summit. Took us about 3 hours to complete. Didn’t come across too much water but plenty of bathrooms I think we came across three total on this trail. Pretty great trail once we got to the boulders it became challenging but so so rewarding once we reached part of the summit at the end! Definitely going back soon before it gets too hot.

been here 4 times in 2 years. It never gets old looking out over the land from the top. Exploring all the sides and the rest of the park is still on my list. I will be back!

A must do hike for Texans and visitors. Crazy geological structure! Get there early because they only allow a certain number of people a day.

Very crowded on a Sunday... parking will reach capacity. The hike is short and can be steep, but worth it for the views. Park is very well maintained; the park staff are doing a fantastic job!

Combining Enchanted Rock with Echo Canyon, Base Trail, and Turkey Pass loop makes for a very nice morning hike with interesting views. While this hike is generally easy, there are slightly moderate areas where a little rock scrambling is required. If one has time, going up Little Rock, Freshman Mountain, and Turkey Peak using social trails or your own path can be interesting.

Last weekend I took my 73 young mom on the summit hike then down to echo canyon to get out. Next day we did the loop around the rock. We took the trail counter clockwise. Cutting through the valley between Turkey Peak and Enchanted proved to be a rock scramble for short people and then again crossing between Enchanted and Little rocks was even more challenging, but it was beautiful and we enjoyed both days.

Pretty easy walk. The views are worth it.

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